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Lightyear’s big surprises reveal,Everything We Know about the Lightyear

Lightyear’s big surprises reveal – Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans) and Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) are exploring a new planet when the movie begins, but it turns out to be far more hostile than they had thought. Lightyear, who is egotistical and overconfident, rejects offers of assistance and maintains that he alone can preserve the ship.

He fails, too. Then, Buzz develops an obsession with “completing the mission,” which is code for leaving the planet and bringing the 1,200-person crew back to Earth. By flying daily experiments to attempt the jump to hyperspace, he puts his own life in danger.

But each day of tests equals four years of life on the planet, until one day he returns and discovers everyone he loved is gone, having lived full rich existences while he was focused on the past.

Meanwhile, the colonists decide to do what they set out to do, even if the location has changed: They set about making a new planet their home.

Lightyear’s big surprises reveal

Finally, Buzz completes the formula, reaches the speed of light, and immediately returns to the colonists to let them know they are now free to depart. The colony now faces a new issue because of Zurg’s army of robot sentinels.

who want the fuel for themselves because he has jumped even further into the future this time. Until Buzz ultimately meets Zurg in person—or, more accurately (and this is the major surprise), Zurg/himself—it is unclear why.

Emperor Zurg is revealed to be none other than an older, resentful version of Buzz from a different timeline (voiced by James Brolin), who has discovered how to use Buzz’s fuel to travel across time.

Lightyear's big surprises reveal
Lightyear’s big surprises reveal

This Buzz, let’s call him Bad Buzz, is so intent on getting the job done that he doesn’t give a damn about the harm it causes or even if it defeats the purpose of the mission.

His strategy is to stop the spacecraft from becoming stranded in the first place by using Buzz’s fuel to go farther in time (his own supply has run out by this stage).

Bad Buzz reasons that the people who were alive back then will never know the difference, and the ones who won’t even be born won’t be around to complain.

This post contains spoilers for Pixar’s Lightyear

After completing his mission, Bad Buzz will be free to resume what he does best—flying from one planet to the next without ever establishing any sentient or inanimate roots.

But Good Buzz isn’t having it. He has discovered that relationships with other people matter and that no mission is more essential than the people it is intended to serve.

In essence, this is a reworked version of the lesson Buzz keeps picking up in the Toy Story films: It’s better to work as a team than to tackle it alone, and friends are preferable to subordinates.

It’s the same concept, but with a more sombre undercurrent, that Lightyear is trying to add a psychodramatic twist to by having Buzz learn from a shadow version of himself instead of a happy old-

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Lightyear’s Big Twist Recasts an Old Villain to Deliver an Older Message

The surprise reveal might change what you think of one of the Toy Story saga’s Big Bads, but the movies are repeating themselves time cowboy.

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