Top 20 contestants of super singer 9 and Best Performer of the week, Danger Zone & Eliminated Contestants Today

The top 20 contestants have been selected for Vijay TV’s singing reality show Super Singer 9.

They are giving 100% to win a spot in the Super Five Zone and the Best Performer of the Week award.

The judges decide which singers will be safe and which will be eliminated next week.

The contestant with the least number of public votes will be eliminated from Super Singer Season 2022.

Here are the elimination results, singers in the danger zone, and the best performer and entertainer of the week.

Super singer 9

Super singer 9 eliminations list

According to voting results, Lavanya and Nishchitha were the two contestants at the bottom of Super Singer 9. Lavanya was eliminated On 24th Dec 2022.

Contestant NameStatus
Aparna NarayananCompeting
Abhijit Anil KumarCompeting
Aruna SivayaCompeting
Chandran ChanCompeting
Dinesh KumarCompeting
Emmanual EsclEenEliminated
(17 Dec 2022)
Gowri SankarEliminated
(31 Dec 2022)
Keshav RamCompeting
(24 Dec 2022)
Nishchitha GowdaEliminated
(7 Jan 2023)
Pooja VenkatramanCompeting
Priya JersonCompeting
Priya PadmanabhanCompeting
Prasanna AdhiseshaCompeting
Sneha PadmanabhanCompeting

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Super singer 2022 danger zone contestants

It is Aparna, Lakshmi, Priya Padmanabhan, Shashank, and Dinesh Kumar who are in danger on Monday 8th January 2023.

Super singer super zone

Aruna, Sneha, Abhijit, Pooja, and Prasanna were this week’s top five Super Five Zone singers.

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