Adele describes her postponed Vegas residency as the "worst moment in my career" and discusses her feelings for Rich Paul.

Adele's new residency was set to take over Las Vegas. She did, however, postpone the cancellation announcement.

The "Weekends With Adel" performances at Caesars Pa Colosseum were scheduled to end on April 21.

It took months of planning and rehearsals, and thousands of people bought tickets to see her perform.

Despite the danger, the "Easy On Me" singer admitted in a Monday cover story that she knew the show was a hoax.

"There was just no one in it," Adele said. The stage setup was incorrect. It was too far away from me and my band to be intimate. 

Perhaps I was too eager to do so in such a controlled environment."

"Perhaps my silence was lethal": Adele discusses the 'brutal' backlash she received after postponing her Las Vegas residency.

Adele announces rescheduled Las Vegas residency dates, saying, "I really want to deliver."

On Jan. 20, just one day before its debut, the Grammy-winning artist, 34, announced the cancellation in a tearful Instagram video.

Adele called it "by far the worst moment of my career." I was ecstatic about those programmes. It was completely devasting.

Adele was chastised for her hasty decision. This was especially true given how many people had already reserved hotel rooms or were already in Sin City.

Adele said on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on Sunday that she felt like a shell for a few months after disappointing fans.

She announced in July that the residency would be rescheduled, beginning on November 18th and running through March 25th.

Adele created the show with the help of Stufish (a British entertainment architecture firm responsible for her performance at the Brit Awards).