American Idol winner Noah Thompson opens up about HunterGirl TikTok dating rumors

Fans are still asking questions about his girlfriend Angela Dixon.

Noah Thompson clarifies the truth about his friendship with Hunter Girl. 

Turns out, Noah and Hunter Girl also hung out together during their free time. The former construction worker posted a TikTok in which he's acting playful and wearing his cheetah-print boots.

The only problem was that she needed a lot of help from HunterGirl when it came time to undress her. "I really don't know what's wrong with us..." he captioned the June 11 clip.

To provide more context, HunterGirl shared another TikTok of Noah walking around in his boots and nearly tripping. Luckily, he recovered quickly and strutted around the house.

The various videos also prompted several DSDS fans to ask where Noah's friend Angel Dixon was staying during the music event.

After Noah's win on American Idol  in May, rumors of a split between him and Angel surfaced on social media. According to now-deleted Instagram posts, the couple started dating in 2018. That said, they haven't confirmed any news of a split. now noah and huntergirl are just best friends.