The New Tales From the Borderlands Series Has Been Officially Announced.

They are the spiritual successor to the well-received Borderlands spinoff. It will be released on October 21st, 2012.

The original Tales From the Borderlands, a narrative adventure set in the Borderlands universe, was created by Telltale Games.

It introduced characters like Rhys and Fiona, who would later appear in the mainline Borderlands series.

Telltale Games shut down shortly after the game's release (and then reopened), but Tales From the Borderlands has remained popular.

Gearbox Quebec is leading a spiritual successor to Gearbox Software. It will take a story-driven and humorous look at the Borderlands universe once more.

The comedy is emphasised in the trailer for New Tales From the Borderlands. However, fans will notice that the new characters in these games will almost certainly be amusing.

According to a leak last week, the new Tales From the Borderlands will introduce three new characters: Anu, her brother Octavio, and Fire.

Some familiar faces have been mentioned in leaked descriptions.

The switch to Unreal Engine gives New Tales From the Borderlands a significant visual boost, as evidenced by the trailer.

You might also come across some intriguing gameplay hooks, such as figurine battles or other entertaining features.

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