Blake Shelton song 'Austin' with Kelly Clarkson - The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Voice coach Blake Shelton popped in to perform a duet. He sang a song that Kelly Clarkson contributed to the show during her time on the show.

On his show, Clarkson is always upbeat. Shelton mentioned he wanted to hear her singing on his show.

“I watch your show everyday,” he added. Looks like he’s a big fan, as well!

As Shelton crooned the emotional melody, Clarkson joined in on the chorus and continued singing “if it's anybody else, wait for the tone, you know what to do.”

Clarkson said ‘you have to listen to the whole song because of the way it ends.’ It is a very good, uplifting song at that!

Shelton's song, "Austin" details how somebody leaves a message on their voicemail machine to their ex-girlfriend, telling them that they still love them.

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