Britney Sppears deletes her Instagram account days after Sam Asghari's wedding.

Britney Spears is now off the grid literally days after she married Sam Asghari.

Lynne, 67-year-old, exclaimed last Friday over photos from her oldest daughter's marriage, writing: "You look radiant, so happy!" Your wedding is the "Dream" wedding! 

It's so special to have it in your home! You are so special to me! You are my best friend!" 

Britney had been feuding with her mom on the app before she was deactivated. 

On Thursday morning, the Instagram account of the pop star was not found.

Although Spears, 40 years old, has had short breaks from the social networking platform before, this new one is amid her new married bliss and the tragic family drama that followed her fairytale wedding.

Spears and Asghari, were 28 years old when they said "I do" at an intimate ceremony held at their California home.

Despite Jason Alexander, her ex husband's attempts at crashing the wedding and the bride's preceremony "panic attack", she described the big day with him as a "dream come true

Multiple outlets reported that Bryan Spears, her brother received an invitation. However, a source close Bryan said that Bryan could not make it because of another family commitment. Britney clarified the situation. 

In a now-deleted Instagram post, she said, "You were not invited to my wedding" and added, "GO FK YOURSELF