Everything we know about the Calavicci Conspiracy on Quantum Leap is in our Story.

Quantum Leap is back with a bang! The second episode of season one was full of suspense and made you want to tune in every week. it became clear the team on the ground, that Ben was secretly working with Al Calavicci's daughter,Janice. 

The Calavicci family is coming back for a second run on the show. Lead actress Georgina Reilly will recur heavily on the show.

Here's everything we know about the Calavicci family and their connection to Quantum Leap.  

Al needs help with his ranch, so Sam leaps to that moment in time.

The series finale of the original Quantum Leap left some questions unanswered, but it was clear that Sam had dedicated his final leap to helping Al.

He leaps back in time to let Beth know he isn't dead, and they remarry instead. 

When Al reunites with his wife, they have four daughters. Al and Beth have ended the show with a successful jump; or Sam's leap.  

It is likely that Mr. Al passed away from old age

Although the exact circumstances of Al's eventual death aren't known, it is likely that he died of natural causes at an old age.Ben asks Janice to join the Quantum Leap project in secret

Now, here's where things get interesting. In Episode 1, we see Ben receive a mysterious text message before he enters the accelerator, and as the team at headquarters looks for answers, they realize Al's daughter Janice may be involved.

In Episode 2, Ben comes to Janice for her help and the two of them create new coding for the program. After that, Addison finds a copy of that code on their apartment's shared drive.

Janice is on the run following Ben's memory incident.

Although Ben and Janice are collaborating, it is still unclear what exactly their plans for the future could be. However, we can't wait to find out more.

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