Fans will not have to wait long to see "American Idol" winner Noah Thompson perform live in his home state.

Thompson, one of the Kentucky contestants vying to be the winner of the long-running televised music competition, will arrive at the Kentucky State Fair on Wednesday.

Kentucky State Fair and will make all the noise he can to entertain his fans when he performs his free Texas Roadhouse Concert Series show.

Thompson told The Courier-Journal, "Oh man, I'm excited to see you in the midst of such a large crowd."

"What makes performing an absolute blast is performing on stage in front of large audiences."

With that level of confidence and presence, it's difficult to believe that this former construction worker in Louisa, Kentucky, was hanging Sheetrock for a living at this time of year.

Thompson, who has always loved music but was unsure if he was capable of performing, has been caught off guard by the events.

Arthur Johnson, a coworker, noticed his talent. Johnson had signed Thompson to participate in the "Idol All Over America" virtual audition the year before and was able to record him singing.

"The majority of New Yorkers, as well as fairgoers, can be inspired by Noah Thompson's story."

The producers of "American Idol" chose Thompson from the auditions to perform live in front of the show's judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, and Luke Bryan.

"It was the end of the story after that," they say.

"I couldn't find 'American Idol.' My friend recommended 'American Idol' to me. He was the one who registered me." Thompson told the judges of "American Idol."

Thompson's time in construction came to an end on May 23, 2022, after a series of rounds of competition, and his new venture in the music business began.

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