Fiancee of former X Factor star tragically dies on their wedding day. 

Tom Mann, who was one of the members of 2014's group, Stereo Kicks, Announced that his fiancée Dani tragically passed away on their wedding day. the couple has an 8 month-old son.

Tom who is now a songwriter with top musicians, posted the news via social media, and admitted that he suffered the loss of his "love of his life" on what could have been the most joyous ever day in their life, according to MirrorOnline.

Tom said that his fiance would be an "best thing to have ever happened" for him, and that he would always wear the ring he got as an "sign of his unconditional love" for her.

He pledged to have their son raised as a single father and hopes that he can be a source of pride for her.

In her song, the singer said: "I can't believe I am writing these words and my dear Dani my closest friend my everything and much more importantly, the love of my life died in the early the morning hours of Saturday 18th June.

On what was supposed be the best moment of our lives, it, it ended in a devastating heartbreak.

I think I've the capacity to cry through the ocean. We never got to the altar; or were able to exchange our vows, or take part in the first time, however you are my whole world and the most wonderful thing that ever occurred to me, Danielle.

I will wear this ring I was always meant to wear as a symbol of my unwavering love for you.