Hollywood Pop star Katy Perry Know-How to stay in Spotlight?

Hollywood pop star Katy Perry always remains in the spotlight for her fashion choices as well as her singing.

Singer is always noticed due to her look.

Let us inform you that in the last few days Katy Perry has been spotted in Australia The photos of Katy Perry are now going viral through social networks.

The looks are pretty impressive, Katy is seen in white dress. In addition the Katy Perry is also spotted in a sleeper. Katy Perry is wearing a sleeper in this

Katy has finished her look by wearing a face caps, masks and shades. Singer is stylish in this outfit.

We can assure that fans are amazed by these images of Katy. The fans are extremely enthused by these pictures.

Everyone knows fact that Katy Perry is also very active on social media. Katy Perry always keeps posting things to make her fans smile, Singer is always sharing photos and videos, which her fans are enjoying a lot.

A while ago, it was said that the incident took place on Monday's episode on American Idol. The singer was seen singing an original song from her smash song 'Teenage dream'.

To keep her performance full of entertaining, Katy leans back and her pants have been ripped. The pants of his orange leather were tear-free right in front of the entire audience on the stage.

The audience was stunned to be stunned to. People began to laugh at the big mistake of Katy. Even her co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan on the American Idol show couldn't control their laughter.

He smiled and said"The show was officially concluded. The interesting thing is that Katy did not end her show due to the fashion catastrophe however she continued her performance despite the issue.

katy perry sexy look

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