Kelly Clarkson performed "Queen of the Night" by Whitney Houston | Kellyoke

If a Whitney Houston song is going to get covered, Kelly Clarkson is the person we want to see do it. She proved that this week when she performed "Queen of the Night" in her own signature style.

The song started with a slow, steady melody and some '80s-inspired synth accompaniment. "I'm all you want, I've got what you need," Clarkson sang softly, her backup singers echoing her.

Clarkson started singing and hit an epic high note. After that, the upbeat guitars kicked in as last and the bright lights flashed across the stage.

"I ain't nobody's angel, what can I say, I'm just that way," Clarkson sang while gripping the microphone. "I got a real feelin' tonight that I'm winning."

She began singing with her backup singers in a feisty, raspy tone. The camera panned to the guitarist and he riffed a solo before walking off stage.

Clarkson hit the high notes with precision and embellished the high points to bring a new sound to this power ballad.

To see more of Kelly's entertaining cover performances, check your local listings for The Kelly Clarkson Show.