Kelly Clarkson's voice never falters on her cover of Olivia Rodrigo's Traitor

Kelly Clarkson has always been known for her powerful vocals. On October 12, she performed a heartwarming interpretation of a fellow pop star’s heartfelt tune.

She performed "Traitor" by Olivia Rodrigo, a song about deep heartbreak, and we couldn't be more proud.

The show started with some gentle guitar chords in the background as Clarkson sung softly. The lights were deep blue, and she was really putting on a show.

The track then picked up as the lyrics grew in intensity. The singer continued, “Ain’t it crazy, all the twisted games and questions we used to avoid?”

Clarkson's voice echoed with emotion. "You betrayed me and I know you'll never be sorry," she sang, the pain in her voice evident. "Loved you at your best but that didn't matter," she continued, singing with a passion that gave us chills.

The song ends with a loud riff from the guitar. As the backup singers sing, you can tell that this was really something special for them. They seem to have put everything they have into it.

She ended her piece by hitting a powerful sustained note, then ending with a vulnerable breathy tone.

To see more of the amazing covers by legendary singer Kelly Clarkson on her Kellyoke segment, be sure to check your local listings for The Kelly Clarkson Show. Coming to NBC this fall!