Lisa's beauty -Ahead of fashion All are failed

Lisa comes into the limelight every day

Lisa, a member of South Korean girl band Blackpink, remains in the headlines almost every day for one reason or the other. Especially her fashion garners the most attention.

Every smile fades

Whether this lady is seen in casuals or in dress, all the other beauties in front of her look pale.

Instagram is full of fashionable photos

If you look at Lisa's Instagram too, then the proof of this is clearly visible.

Name associated with luxury brands

It is this rapper's grip on style that has made him the ambassador of luxury brands.

Lisa is the face of these famous labels

These include well-known labels like BVLGARI and CELINE. Are included.

Dance costume too should be given goals

Lisa's dance costumes are also such, which give tremendous fashion goals.

Clothes soldered out

Whatever she wears, it goes viral within a few days. There have been times when Lisa wore a label and she was sold out in no time. Went.

Don't be blown away by net worth

Lisa's net worth has increased manifold by joining hands with these fashion labels. According to a port, his current net worth is around Rs 157 crore.

Fashion lover Lisa is the richest

It is also said that she is the richest member of her group, who is crazy about fashion and shopping.