Lori Harvey has gone viral after rumours of her allegedly using a s$x tape surfaced on social media.

Her name was reported to be trending on Twitter alongside the word tape, implying that the skincare founder and model is allegedly wearing one of the s$x tapes.

Her name was circulated on social media on August 18th, as users speculated that there might be footage of Harvey having a s$Xual encounter with her.

Some fans are sceptical of the claims due to the lack of video proof.

However, many people believe the video is real, and some claim to have seen it.

Harvey is a 25-year-old model and businesswoman who has previously dated actor Michael B. Jordan and rapper Future.

According to People, she recently split up with her actor boyfriend Michael, who she said matured significantly during their relationship and was now ready to commit long-term.

On Twitter, fans mocked the video and expressed their frustration at not being able to find the video they claim to have seen.

According to one user: "Could you please send me the link? I'm looking for a friend."

Some were more accepting of the sex tape's possible spread, commenting as follows: "You're really hoping that a tape of Lori Harvey is leaked without her permission so that you can Jack off. What's the matter with you losers?"

Some speculated that Lori's previous relationships were to blame for the video's release.

"It was probably Future who leaked it." One of the sources claimed that the tape would be released.

Lori Harvey has yet to comment on the rumours of the alleged sX tape, and it's unlikely she will.