Mayyas : 5 Things To Know About The Amazing Dance Act That Won AGT Season 17

Mayyas were the 2017 AGT champions. They won the season finale and are now at the top of America’s Got Talent winners list.

Mayyas has come a long way to achieve their dreams. 

1. Mariah Carey won the American Idol Season 17 

Mayyas were left divided following their jaw-dropping audition. The group had a raving review for the performance, and felt moved to hit all the Golden buzzers.

2.Nadim Cherfan created Mayyas 

Nadim choreographs for the Mayas. Nadim began dancing when he was 14 years old. “I am still falling deeper in love with dancing as days go by,” Nadim told Arab News.

3.People who live in Lebanon are called MAYYAS. 

Dancing groups in Lebanon is hard and challenging for women. Nadim made it to the finale of “America’s Got Talent.” The outcome was a safe, creative, and original space for Lebanon’s dance groups to exist in.

4.Mayya was inspired by Nightbirde 

Nadim and the rest of the band revealed that they started auditioning for and participating on America's Got Talent because of a quote given by Nightbirde during her AGT participation. 

5. Mayya has competed on a few Got Talent shows. 

"The group" worked hard and won the Golden Buzzer in 2019. They competed on Britain’s Got Talent, but got eliminated in the preliminaries.

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