Platt made a special appearance on the Chicago Fire TV show to help Brett.

Welcome Chicago Med Hannah Asher and Chicago PD Dante Torres.

Platt paid a visit to Brett in episode 2 of Chicago Fire season 11.

The dinner scene was brief and powerful. At dinner, Brett (Christian Stolte) comes over to comfort Platt while she's dealing with a challenging break up.

It was a sweet, short reminder that good friends can help you through tough times.

Stolte told NBC Insider that an upcoming episode of Fire will feature Trudy. "She'll help Brett through some hard times," he said.

Morton also confirmed this with NBC Insider and teased that more Mouch-Platt crossover moments are on the way.

"Ever since Platt turned up on The Rookie," she said. "It's a new kind of thing. A good thing, I think."

As for what Brett will do on this season, Killmer tells NBC Insider she'll be focusing on work in order to get over her heartbreak.

It will be interesting to see if she can do this with Sylvie because it does not seem like she has been able to so far. Friendships and career seem like a better focus than love life from this quote.

To find out if there will be more moments between Platt and Brett and a possible girls night, watch Chicago Fire on NBC Wednesdays At 9/8c.