Queen elizabeth II Affair 

Prince Philip: Did Queen Elizabeth II ever cheat on him?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been married for over 70 years. They, like all couples, have had ups and downs in their marriage. 

but unlike other people, they have done so while living in the public eye, which has exposed them to rumours and reports of infidelity.

Questions about whether Philip was unfaithful have resurfaced in recent years, owing in part to Netflix's series The Crown. 

There has also been some growing speculation about the queen and her close relationship with another man.

Continue reading to learn the truth about Queen Elizabeth's relationship with "Porchey."

'Porchey': Did Queen Elizabeth have a relationship with him?

Peter Morgan, the show's writer, never explicitly depicted the queen's character committing adultery with her husband.

but some royal admirers started to speculate that perhaps something was off with the man she referred to as "Porchey."

According to The Telegraph, the queen has known Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, Lord Porchester, since they were young.

He shared the monarch's love of horses and finally worked his way up to managing her racing. 

This meant that they would occasionally go on holidays together, but, according to royal historian Robert Lacey.

Those trips weren't retreats for two because Porchey's wife went along with them.In an earlier interview with People.

Lacey described Porchey as just "a gentle, unassuming man who shared [the queen's] passion for horses."

In agreement with Lacey, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith added, "I would not go beyond portraying them as old friends who had a very profound tie in this common love of horses. 

Horse breeding, and horse racing. Although I have no reason to believe it continued, they were very fond of one another.

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