Here's what Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had to say about the Knockout Decision

It looks like Gwen Stefani will have to chose between two difficult options during The Voice's latest round of three-way Knockouts.

In a sneak peek of Episode 15 premiering on Monday, November 7th, Alyssa Witrado sings with Gwen as temperatures rise and egos clash.

With their respective performances, each singer demonstrated vocal talent beyond their years. However, both John Legend and Blake Shelton voted for the same person to win.

"Sasha, each note you hit sounded great," Legend said. "I loved your vibrato. Vocally, it was fantastic. I'm not sure about Gwen's decision, but at least I know you are definitely the best singer out of all of them!" 

After telling Stefani that he would be going with Sasha right then, Shelton had an adorable exchange with his new wife.

"Thank you, husband Blake," she said. "Thank you." "You're welcome, wifey," he responded.

Stefani seemed to be at a loss for what to do. "I have no idea what to do," she said, with Daly adding that it was a "near impossible decision."

So, who's next to leave the team? You'll have to wait until Monday night to find out.