Special Things About South Korean singer Jungkook

Acording to BTSJungkook - Not only Korean drama, the singers here are also very famous all over the world. The BTS band is the most talked about here, whose youngest member is Jangkak.

Personal to professional life -

If you do not know much about South Korean singer Jungkook, Then from his personal Professionals tell you all the details.

BTS Band -

Born on 1 September 1997, Jungkook is part of the BTS band. BTS is called Bangtan Boys.

Know Also About BTS - 

BTS is a South Korean boy band consisting of many singers and writers. It was formed in the year 2010 and the band debuted in the year 2013.

Dream of Becoming a Badminton Player -

Jungkook used to dream of becoming a badminton player as a child but ended up with G-Dragon's rap heartbreaker.Hearing this, he decided to become a singer.

When Jungkook Was Rejected - 

Today Jungkook is famous all over the world and does many projects but there was a time when he was rejected in the audition from South Korean reality show.

Debut - 

Jungkook debuted in the year 2013 with the song 2 Cool 4 School from BTS. After this their damite, butter, Many songs like 'Yate to Come'came.

Named Many Awards -

Today Jungkook does not need any introduction, he is very popular in the world and has been included in many awards and famous list.

Success is Success -

Jungkook is the most searched K-pop singer on Google and the most searched singer on YouTube. Not only this, in a Korean survey, he has been at number three in the list of Most Loved Celebrity.