See the Blind Audition That Made Camila Cabello Block Gwen Stefani

Morgan Myles, one of the newest members of the group, stunned and amazed all with her rendition of "Hallelujah."

Camila Cabello joins the coaches for Season 22 of The Voice in a role as a first time coach. Camila's strong opinions and reactions on the artists are shown during her debut episode.

A leaked audition for the upcoming Season 22 premiere episode revealed what happened when Gwen Stefani and Cabello heard Morgan Myles sing a rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." 

Ultimately, Blake Shelton and John Legend switched their chairs at the same time as a result.  

After the performance, Stefani had such praise for Myles and was standing up to leave backstage when she found out that Cabello used Myles's Coach's Block—and eliminated her before she even stepped off stage.

The Voice Season 22 changes the way people compete. There are now four blocks of artists with only a Coach able to use their button on one artist during the first round.

The owner of the sign only realizes they are blocked during Auditions when they press their button. If they don't press the button, it is still possible to audition.

Although Stefani thought she was the clear choice to be Myles mentor, the other coaches weren't convinced.

She didn't say that, Cabello scoffed and said.

However, Stefani was determined. “In her heart she did! I felt it,” she rebutted. “And Camila took that from her,” Legend chimed in.

“It was you,” Stefani would tease that one particular person she envied.

After the Blind Audition, do we know how Myles chose his coach? Tune into the Voice Season 22 premiering on Monday September 19th on NBC at 8pm EST.