The Rock gets praise for buying his mom a house

The Rock Gets Praise For Buying His Mom A House, But Kevin Hart Can't Help But Roast His Super-Pets Co-Star 

And the press tour of their latest collaboration, DC League of Super-Pets, as the most recent example of how they are able to be a bit sarcastic with one another. 

The fact that he has not even bought his mother a home can shield The Rock from a Kevin Hart roast. Their relationship has witnessed Hart as well as Johnson hilariously attack one another

Although Johnson gets his digs out, Hart's top-notch trolling and comedic timing has been unmatched.The Super-Pets cast members engaged in their usual ranting and snarky banter in an interview on Extra.

Kevin Hart was so tickled by the entire exchange that he shared the video on his Instagram account.Naturally, the person being interviewed was overwhelmed by the news about The Rock buying his mom a home

however, the comedian couldn't resist deflating the idea by pointing out how long the co star's money has been.It was about time. After a billion dollars and he bought his mother a home. 

Do we need to clap? I'm sure everyone is thinking the same thing.It's all about fucking time. 'Hey, mom! Check out what I've got you. You are able to get out of the Duplex.

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