Who are the Ben Chutta & Anwar Ahmed Amazing Race Canada 9?

Anwar Ahmed and Ben Chutta, first-generation Canadians, compete in The Amazing Race Canada's ninth season, with Ben being 31 and Anwar's age unknown.

Ben and Anwar are driven to win the race, give back to their families, and serve as role models for their Black community amidst hardships. 

Ben Chutta & Anwar Ahmed Bio/Wiki

Ben, a seasoned entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Anwar, a former talent acquisition specialist from Toronto, Ontario, are both based in the province.

Fun Facts About Ben Chutta & Anwar Ahmed 

The team associated with previous seasons of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is a hybrid of Gino and Jesse, known for their competitive nature, and Brendan and Connor, known for their playfulness and positive energy.