Who is group chibi unity? Bio/wiki & Net Worth

Chibi Unity, a Japanese junior division fusion dance crew, is set to compete in America's Got Talent 2023. The Dance Presentation Unity company, which has branches in Niigata and Hokkaido, comprises 11 members.

Group Chibi Unity Wikipedia/Bio - Chibi Unity, a Japanese dance group formed in 2017, combines GANMI and CHIKA dance teams, performing beyond age and country boundaries.

Net Worth - Chibi Unity, a dance group formed in 2013, has gained significant net worth through its participation and victories in various competitions since its inception in 2013.

Here Are some facts about the Golden Buzzer Chibi Unity Dance Group 

Chibi Unity has won several international dance competitions, including VIBEJrs in 2017, 2019, and 2020, and third place in the 2018 BodyRockJrs competition.

The group has conducted numerous workshops and online dance classes, with many members serving as instructors. 

The group, consisting of 11 members, is a part of Japan's Chronicle Dance Academia.