Why John Legend Saved the 'Special' Maryland After That 'Really Hard' Battle

On October 18, Voices from around the world were pitched during "Voice Battles" on Marilynds.

They sang a song as a tribute to their coach, but by the end, he had no clue what to do about it. (Camila Cabello even admitted that after being stunned.)

These two acts left audiences amazed. Their voices combined beautifully in the Marilynds, while 17-year-old Bastola showed exceptional power. 

Hearing her voice for the first time is breathtaking. If she sounds this good now, imagine how it will sound in just a couple of years. We're not ready for that!

Legend concluded that Bastola was the most reliable pick since it "felt like he was connected to who he is."

It's amazing that a young woman is able to have so much insight into herself; it's very inviting

Legend believed that The Marlynds should have stayed in the competition. They were grateful, and they said they'd use all of their Save this week.

They were a really compelling group, and I think their lane of country-pop was really unique on my team. I think they're going to do something really special as they go forward."

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