Canada Got Talent Night 3 Performers & Photo

During the 3rd week’s episode of Canada’s Got Talent 2023, the audience was excited. The amazingly talented artists wowed the fans with brilliant acts and performances that left them in awe.

The whole episode has already been trending in social media accounts within hours of its airing.

Canada Got Talent 3rd week Contestant

Alexandra Cote and her Bestfriend Tesla

The last episode of Canada’s Got Talent featured Alexandra Cote. A professional dog trainer, she performed last night on the CGT stage with Tesla and Louka.

A judge named Lily Singh began asking about her friend and her basic details. Her dog is also confident about the show that they are putting on.

Dance crew cool giraffes

Everyone including the judges was surprised and excited about the show that the dance crew was going to perform. They are from Edmonton, Alberta.

Canada’s Got Talent season 2 will feature the crew, as announced on the official social media handle earlier this month. They had 21 members in their team who performed for the judges last week.

Magician will stelfox

In the previous episode of CGT, Will Stelfox performed. In his performance, he started off with what he does best, magic. He impressed the judges and audiences with his magical performance.

Despite the discomfort his magic with the blades caused, in the end, it was a relief for both the judges and the audience.

Xpogo Stunt Team

Each member of the XPOGO stunt team had a Pogo stick and made their entry in the episode with it. There was a lot of excitement among the judges about the show.

Despite wearing proper safety gear, any mistake in their stunt could lead to fatal injuries. The pogo tricks performed by the performers shocked the judges. They have been performing these stunts for over 9 years.

Sima Saxena

The previous episode of CGT featured Sima Saxena, another humble yet wonderful mother of two kids. Her original track performance, about her mother, had the judges dancing along to the beat. Lily Singh even spoke of making it her ringtone.

A3 Ryderz

A3 Ryderz made their debut on Canada’s Got Talent’s second season. Their performance impressed both the judges and the audience.

The Trevor Show

It was quite impressive how well they performed for the judges as well as the fans. Toronto is the group’s home city. Even though they didn’t get the golden buzzer, their performance has won millions of hearts.

Amir Brandon

Musician and singer Amir Brandon are from Toronto. He also gave a mesmerizing performance, making the judges press the buzzer so quickly. The fans are raving about his performance on CGT last night.

Konah Raynes

A singer and songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario, Konah Raynes performs on CGT and has written many original songs.


With her excellent singing performance last episode, Anica was able to get Judge Lindsay to hit the golden buzzer. Her powerful cover of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’ won millions of hearts.

Tap dance Canada

The group Tap Dance Canada performed its eye-catching tap dance. It was an incredible performance that had the judges amazed and enjoying every minute of it. It was a big hit with fans as well as viewers and audiences.

Mvp Dance

The performers of MVP Dance were from Toronto, Ontario. The group was one of the most favourites that attracted the attention of the judges as well.

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