Netflix show Love is Blind Brazil 2023 Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast & News

Love is Blind Brazil 2023 Season 2: In this article, You can find all the information about the new season of Love is Blind Brazil Season 2.

It would Release on 28/12/2022, about the same time as Brazil season 1. There are 10 episodes in the first season of Love is Blind Brazil, which was created by Netflix.

Hospedeiro, starring Camila Queiroz, has the lead role.

Love is Blind Brazil
Love is Blind Brazil Season 2

About Brazil Love is Blind

It’s the dating experiment in Brazil as singles look for love and get engaged without ever meeting the other person face-to-face.

When will Netflix Love is Blind Brazil 2023 Season 2 be Released?

There will be ten episodes in the new season, which will be released online on Netflix. The series will begin on 28 December 2022 with the first episode. The following table shows details of the schedule:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X0128 Dec 2022EP 01
2X0128 Dec 2022EP 02
2X0328 Dec 2022EP 03
2X0428 Dec 2022EP 04
2X0504 Jan 2023EP 05
2X0604 Jan 2023EP 06
2X0704 Jan 2023EP 07
2X0804 Jan 2023EP 08
2X0911 Jan 2023EP 09
2X1011 Jan 2023EP 10

Love is Blind 2023 Brazil Season 2 Cast

It is also likely that some new characters will be introduced in the 2nd season, including Camila Queiroz as Hospedeiro and Klebber Toledo (Hospedeiro).

Love is blind 2023 brazil season 2 Trailer

Watch the Netflix live trailer describing the next episode of the TV series.

Credit – Netflix

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