How to Apply for Summer House Casting Season 8 (2024) Release Date & Cast 

Make your summer more happening. Did you have plans for your summer or are still waiting to make it? The popular reality series Bravo Summer House is back with season 8. The show having a huge fan following will open its casting for season 8 soon.

To plan your summer vacations Summer House is the perfect destination where you will get relaxation, entertainment, and adventure. The show is going to be released soon, and the castings will be held super soon.

The Summer House series has a group of friends staying in a beach house in the Hamptons. The show is a complete dose of entertainment, drama, romance, and fun. If you have been watching the show you must want to be a part of the show or want to know the cast featuring season 8.

No worries we have mentioned everything from getting cast in the show to the cast featuring in the show with the application, audition process, and release dates.

How to Apply for Summer House Casting online?

The Summer House casting is starting soon. If you are excited to be a part of the show and want to have fun this summer, then this is your chance to grab the opportunity and make your summer shine.

The casting process for Summer House is very simple. Just follow the simple steps we have mentioned, and you are done.

  • The very first step is to know the eligibility criteria as you need to be eligible to be part of the show.
  • Once you are eligible for the show you can fill out the application available online. 
  • Make sure to fill the application form correctly and submit it.
  • Now have patience and wait for the casting call from the casting team. If your application gets selected, you will be called for the auditions.
  • If you receive a call or get informed for the auditions, reach the venue on time and give your best trial.
  • In the end, if your trial impresses the casting team, they will hire you for the show.

What is the summer House casting application Process?

The application process for the casting of Summer House season 8 is starting soon and if you are interested in making your summer fun then a chance for you to apply by getting cast in the show with simple steps.

Most important thing is that you should meet the eligibility criteria of the show before filling the form as the application form does not ensure your selection.

The process differs from season to season, but some things are the same which involves application form and video auditions. 

  • First you need to keep check on the official website of casting for Summer House and the casting calls for Summer House season 8.
  • Find the application form and fill out all the details correctly including your name, age, location and other details correctly.
  • While feeling the application form you need to attach a video for the audition including your introduction and brief information about you.
  • Make sure to mention your personality and why you are best fit for the show. Your video should not be more than five minutes.
  • Check your application form and video audition once again and finally submit it. 

After submitting, wait for the response from the casting team. If an application gets selected, you will be notified through the contact details you provide.

Audition Process for Summer House Season 8?

If you are here that means you are interested in the casting of Summer House and went through the eligibility criteria and application process of the Summer House season 8.

After filling the application form you will be called for the auditions if your application gets selected by the casting team, casting team looks for the individuals who can bring drama and fun to the show. you need to submit an audition video with your application in the mentioned format.

Also, you need to appear for the audition if you get called. If you are looking for casting calls, then make sure to arrive on time at the venue. Prepare yourself and be yourself.

Casting teams like the person who is natural and doesn’t pretend anything. Once you clear the auditions you will be selected for the Summer House season 8. 

What is the Release date of Summer House Season 8?

The release date of Summer House season 8 is not revealed yet by the makers of the show. Although it is highly anticipated that the summer house season 8 will be released in 2024 mostly.

Who is the Summer House Season 8 Cast? 

The reality show Summer House is renewed for season 8. The show has a huge fan base and audiences are eager to know the cast of Summer House season 8. The show has had some old faces while introducing the new cast.

We have mentioned the latest main cast members and some of the new cast members who will be introduced in season 8 of Summer House.

  • Kyle Cooke: Kyle Cooke is one of the main cast members who has been in the Summer House from season 1. He is an entrepreneur by profession who founded Loverboy. He is in a relationship with Amanda who is also the main cast of Summer House.
  • Amanda Batula: Amanda Batula is a graphic designer working in the Fashion industry. She’s known for her fun personality. She is Kyle’s girlfriend and they are in a long term relationship. 
  • Lindsay Hubbard: one of the original casts of Summer House is Lindsay Hubbard who is consultant at a luxury band by profession. Her dating life includes several relationships including with Kyle, Carl and her ex-boyfriend Stephen.
  • Carl Radke: Carl hailing from New York is on the show from season 1. He is an agent and works in sales. He has tangled in a love triangle with the main contestant of Summer House Lindsay and other cast member Lauren.
  • Luke Gulbranson: Luke Gulbranson works in construction, and he is also a model. He had a love triangle with Cast members Hannah and Ciara.
  • Hannah Berner: the former tennis player who is also a comedian , joined the show in the third season. She has dated Luke Gulbranson who is a cast member of the show. Hannah became fans favorite in no time.
  • Paige DeSorbo: fashion blogger and social media influencer Paige DeSorbo who joined the show in the third season. She is quick witted and has an excellent fashion sense. 
  • Ciara Miller: nurse and model Ciara Miller is also a cast member from season 4. Ciara got involved in some drama due to Luke who had a crush on Ciara which caused drama on the show. She also has an infectious personality that will captivate audience attention.
  • Blake Gheisar: Blake Gheisar from Los Angeles, California is an actor. He got into the limelight for his movie Wonder. He is a musician who loves to make friends and have fun.
  • Jason Cameron: Jason Cameron is a fitness enthusiast coming from New York. he’s real estate agent by profession. Jason is a Loverboy who isn’t afraid to show his affection towards females. 

When will the Summer House Season 8 trailer is going to release?

As of now it is presumed that the production of Summer House season 8 is underway as the cast of seasons 7 spotted in the Hamptons. So, we can expect that season 8 of Summer House will be released in early 2024. However, the makers of the show haven’t confirmed anything about it.

How to watch the Summer House for free?

You can watch the Summer House on NBC for free. Also, you can stream all the episodes of Summer House on Amazon, FuboTV, Peacock, and Vudu by renting or purchasing a subscription. 

Summer House Review & Rating

Bravo’s reality show Summer House has been popular from season 1. With its exciting plot and entertainment, it has earned its own fanbase. On IMDb Summer House has an overall rating of 6.2. 

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