Bravo 🇹🇻 – The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2- Audition, Casting & Release Date

The Real Housewives Of Dubai is a new addition to ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise. The very first season of the Dubai edition debuted in June 2022. Now, almost a year later, fans are happy that the producers and production house will bring another season.

If you are a female resident of Dubai who is looking for an opportunity to be one of the cast in the show then you have come to the right destination. 

How To Audition For Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2?

Rho Dubai audition season 2 – There is a mandatory audition process that every cast has to go through. The executive producers will approve your profile/application only after analyzing your audition tape.

There is no direct way to apply for the show but one can submit their details along with an audition video. If you think that getting through as a cast is difficult then you may be correct. Interested contestants must have a good background. 

Is The Second Season of The Real Housewives Of Dubai Renewed?

BravoCon had earlier announced the renewal of the second season. This season is going to be an exciting one and fans are very happy. The potential release date is this year with an unannounced date.

It is likely that the team is hiring new casts. On the other hand, fans will also be expecting the return of all original casts from the previous season. 

Who All Are The Casts In The Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 2?

Rhodubai season 2 cast – The new season of RHOD will feature five original casts from the previous season. It is also being expected that there is a new leading lady who will be appearing as well. The list of the original casts include the following people.

  • Caroline Brooks 
  • Chanel Ayan 
  • Caroline Stanbury 
  • Sara Al Madani 
  • Lesa Milan 

What Is The Release Date Of RHOD Season 2?

The second season has been renewed and the season and it is likely that the filming has also started. Even though there is no fixed premiere date set for its release we expect the season to arrive by June 2024.

The production should be wrapped up according to the timeline. Only after that fans and viewers will be able to watch the second season by June 2024. 

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What Is The Eligibility Criteria Of Rhodubai Season 2?

There are certain things that contestants/casts would have to keep in mind to be a cast on the show. For example, submitting an audition tape is mandatory for all contestants.

The later stages include going through a few rounds of interviews and on-camera tests. All these things may be difficult for inexperienced casts but they are a mandatory step. The process is long and requires the contestants to provide their time. 

Where Can I Watch Season 2 Of Rhodubai?

As of now, the episodes of the first season are available on the Peacock app. The episodes of the second season are expected to be released on this platform only. Peacock might offer a free version trial to its new customers.

If you are lucky enough you could watch the episodes for free but you would have to sign up first. After the release of the second season you can watch the new episodes on Bravo TV. 

Is There An Official Trailer For RHO Dubai Season 2?

As of now no official trailer is revealed by Bravo. This only tells us that the production could be in its early stages. Fans will have to wait a bit longer for the launch of a teaser trailer.

But, as of now you can watch the first look of RHOD season 1. Click on the link here to watch the video:

How Many Episodes Will Rho Dubai Season 2 Have?

The first season had 14 original episodes altogether. So, the second season may follow a similar format and bring out 14 fresh episodes in mid 2024.

It is only a matter of time before we will witness the number of episodes being released. Each episode is expected to have a running time of around 45 mins on average. 

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