Who Is American Idol Winner 2023 – Runner-up & Prize Money – Season 21

With American Idol slowly inching toward its finale, we are less than a week behind when American Idol winner 2023 will be declared. Out of the top eight contestants, three finalists from American Idol Season 21 parted ways recently, leaving the Top 5.

The 21st season of American Idol is one of the best. All eight of the Top 8 performers merited a berth in the Top 5, but eliminations are required to reduce them to just one winner.

The Top 5 will give it their all to secure their places in the Top 3 for the finals, as Katy and Lionel join Luke at the Disney Night judging panel next week. Whatever happens, the 21st season of American Idol finalists has a promising future.

America has already chosen its favourite who they want to take the trophy of American Idol 2023 Season 21. With just a few days left until Finale Day, the winner of American Idol 2023 Season 21 will be announced on May 21, 2023, on ABC Network at the “Season Finale.”

To win our votes at home and advance to the finale, the Top 5 will perform live at the Disneyland Resort called Disney Night. We’ll find out who makes it into the Top 3 the following week, so it’s a big one! Any guesses who it will be?

Who Is American Idol Winner 2023

Let’s end the suspense and move on to the article’s key question: “Who won American Idol Season 21?

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American Idol 2023 Season 21 Winner Prize Money

The reward structure of the talent competition is remarkably similar to that of The Voice. The season’s champion will receive a recording deal with Hollywood Records/19 Recordings and a $250,000 cash award. Noah Thompson, the 2022 winner, will transfer his title to the artist who wins this year’s competition.

Top 3 Finalists For American Idol 2023

The results below were updated in real-time as the program aired.

Sr. No.Contestant NameAgeFromStatus
1.Colin Stough18Mississippi3rd Place
3.Megan Danielle20GeorgiaRunner-up
4.Wé Ani23New YorkEliminated
5.Zachariah Smith19MississippiEliminated

American Idol Season 21 Winner Predictions – 2023

IamTongi has always stood out among the Idol finalists. Everyone has been charmed with Iam’s performances to this point ever since he was presented two months ago with an audition that has since been viewed online by more than 15 million people.

The endearing guitarist consistently tops the polls, usually closely followed by Wé Ani — and that’s the top two America wholeheartedly supports.

Nonetheless, Megan Danielle and Zachariah Smith are also trying to give their best performance ever to grip hold of the Idol Trophy.

When Ryan Seacrest eventually announces the American Idol Season 21 winner on May 21, 2023, one can’t help but see Tongi taking the stage, but you never know!


Q. Who is the winner of American Idol 2023 Season 21?

A. The winner of American Idol 2023 Season 21 is none other than America’s favourite IamTongi.

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