Anya Hynninen Biography (Australian idol 2023) Wiki, Networth & More

On Monday, March 6, 2023, the top 8 contestants from Australian Idol 2023 were finally revealed. Anya Hynninen, a.k.a. Anya Alchemy, was one of them.

Hailing from the heart of the Dandenong Mountains, Anya Alchemy is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and music tutor.

Anya Alchemy is a little-known artist, who only shot to fame after coming to Australian Idol 2023, therefore let’s learn more about Anya, her musical journey, and other details.

Anya Hynninen Biography

Biography of Anya Alchemy – Australian Idol 2023 top 8 finalist Anya Hynninen is a multitalented 19-year-old vocalist and songwriter. She is a native of Victoria’s little suburb of Dandenong Ranges.

Which is a neighbourhood of Melbourne. Anya also teaches vocals and piano in the neighbourhood in addition to singing and writing songs.

Anya has always had a love of music, and her family has a big part to play in that because they supported her in her musical endeavours when she was growing up.

Anya excelled in music and won numerous school honours and local singing competitions throughout her school years.

Anya studied music in high school and took both VCE and VTE music exams. For her degree too, she decided to study music. She is currently pursuing a dual degree in music and business, with a songwriting major and singing as a minor.

Anya Hynninen Wiki & More

Real NameAnya Hynninen
Stage NameAnya Alchemy
Birth Year2003
Age19 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthShelby, Dandenong Range, Australia
Presently LivingShelby, Dandenong Range, Australia
ProfessionVocalist, Song Writer, Piano Tutor

Anya Alchemy’s Musical Journey

who is Anya Hynninen? & Musical Journey – Anya Hynninen’s musical journey started when she was quite young. Growing up in a family where music was in the air, she learned from her father, a bassist, and his stepfather, an instrument whiz.

But Anya’s mother, who taught her to sing and harmonize, was the one who set her on her quest.

Anya’s song “Home,” which she released in 2019, has received over 73,000 streams and marked her first exposure to the spotlight.

In 2021, Anya entered the ISC with an unpublished record and reached the top 10 among teens worldwide.

To widen her scope of music and mark her place, Anya Hynninen tried out for Australian Idol 2023 Season 8 so that people get to know her singing talent.

She pleased the judges with her singing skills and won a golden ticket that ensured her place in the top 50. Moving on with the show, Anya gave some amazing singing performances that astounded both the judges and the audience.

On Australian Idol 2023 Season 8, Anya Alchemy is one of the finalists and among the top 8. She is one of the strong contenders to win the trophy.

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Anya Alchemy’s Social Media Handles

If you wish to follow Anya Alchemy on social media, you can find her social media handles below.

SpotifyAnya Alchemy
YouTube, @anyaalchemy

Net Worth and Income Source of Anya Alchemy

Regarding Anya Alchemy’s net worth, we don’t have many details. As for her income source, we may guess that it comes primarily from the piano and vocal classes which she takes.

If Anya goes on to win Australian Idol 2023, she will win $100,000 in cash and a recording contract with Sony Music along with an Idol Trophy.

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