Who are the voice season 25 Contestants? Premiere, Audition, Team, Coach and Host

The voice 2024 is going to have a start with the 25th season of The Voice USA. Coaches will be once again reprising their coaching roles more than being a judge in the show once again. Contestants will once again appear for the audition rounds and will look to impress all judges.

Both coaches and contestants will have to work together and work their way up to the later stages of the show. Coaches take part in coaching the contestants. It is quite a unique experience for them.

When Does The Voice Season 25 Premiere In 2024?

Season 25 of the show was renewed last year in June 2023. Season 25 is all set to premiere on Feb 26th, 2024. The premiere is just around the corner and we see that two new judges will be appearing in this season.

This only makes things much more exciting for the fans because Dan+Shay who are the new duo coaches in this season will be the coaches for the first time. Host of the show, Carson Daly will be once again returning in the 25th season. 

What Time Is The Voice Season 25 On?

Fresh new episodes arrive every Monday and Tuesdays at 8/7c. With the 25th season premiering on Feb 26th on NBC the episode will be arriving on Peacock the very next day. Previous season episodes are available on NBC website. If you wish to watch them for free then you can do it on NBC itself. 

Who Are The Voice Coaches For Season 25?

This season is going to welcome two new coaches which in itself is a great piece of news for the fans. Dan + Shay who are known as the famous country pop duo is going to appear as the new coaches for the first time. The list of coaches include the following people. 

  • Dan + Shay (New Coaches)
  • John Legend 
  • Chance The Rapper 
  • Reba McEntire 

Previous coaches Gwen and Niall exited the list of judges for the season. No news of them coming back in future seasons has been revealed yet. 

Is There A Promo For The Voice Season 25?

New coaches Dan and Shay along with the other panel of judges had performed ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’. It is for the first time in the history of the show that there is going to be a coaching duo.

Promos are being made by official channels of The Voice via social media platforms. The performance that the judges performed is available on YouTube and people in the comment section are going crazy due to the addition of the duo. 

The official Instagram handle had recently announced the new judges. There was also a small video clip posted on Instagram where the duo were seen practicing the turning of chairs along with a reaction as well.

Yes, it is going to be a double chair twist this season. Earlier in Feb a group photograph was posted with all the judges/coaches. 

Who Are The Battle Advisors For Season 25 of the voice?

From the second season of the show, battle advisors do not join the coaches. It has been that way ever since. It is the coaches themselves who choose battles among their team.

At every battle round the coach selects two or three contestants and each is given a song to battle it out. Well, it could be a group performance or a duo performance.

The one who impresses the coaches most will be remaining while the other one will either be in the danger zone or will be eliminated. 

The Voice 2024 Battle Teams 

The 25th season which is all set to appear in Feb 26th 2024 is yet to premiere as of this writing. Once the premiere takes place with the first round of auditions we will see the teams being selected/made by the coaches.

A contestant who performs in the auditions and is able to turn at least a chair will have the green light to stand a chance to get on a team. If a contestant is unable to make the judges turn their chair with their singing performance then they will not be selected. 

Only a few more episodes and then we will see the teams being completed and the battle rounds being resumed.

But, for now we will witness how this new season with duo judges is taking place because everyone is excited about it as to how they will go on with their turning of chairs and joint decisions. 

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