Big Brother USA 2023 Cast, Host, Judges & Big Brother usa season 25 Premiere Date

Big Brother USA Cast 2023 is Season 25 of the American reality television program Big Brother. It is a member of the global Big Brother franchise. Since it first aired in 1997, the popularity of Big Brother USA has skyrocketed with each new season.

According to the format of Big Brother USA 2023, the players are eliminated one at a time until only a single one is left, who is declared the winner. The participants of Big Brother USA are referred to as HouseGuests.

They are supposed to live together in a home and have no communication with the outside world. These HouseGuests are continuously filmed during their stay and are also supposed to always carry a high-quality personal microphone with them so that their communication can also be heard.

Big Brother USA Cast
Big Brother USA Cast 2023

Big Brother USA Cast 2023

Big Brother USA Cast 2023 – Every week, the HouseGuests are also required to participate in a challenge that is assigned to them. They compete with one another to get the title of the head of the household, and also for maximum public votes.

In the end, when only two HouseGuests are left, the jury consisting of previously evicted HouseGuests chooses a winner from the two.

The winner receives a handsome grand prize of $750,000 as well as additional prizes that are sponsored by different businesses and individuals. The show’s official website offers free access for viewers to live feed into the house.

Big Brother USA 2023 Cast list

Find out who will be worthy of our time this summer by checking out the Big Brother 25 cast.

1Alyssa Snider
2Ameerah Jones
3Brittany Hoopes
4Daniel Durston
5Indy Santos
6Jasmine Davis
7Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli
8Joseph Abdin
9Kyle Capener
10Matt Turner
11Michael Bruner
12Monte Taylor
13Nicole Layog
14Paloma Aguilar
15Taylor Hale
16Terrance Higgins
Big Brother USA Cast 2023

Big Brother USA Cast for Season 25:

Big Brother USA 2023 cast is quite an interesting cast with contestants participating from different walks of life. The contestants are from different professions such as bus operators, Vegas performers, personal trainers, content designers,s and so forth.

To face new challenges every week, one needs great perseverance and judgment and these qualities can be seen in Big Brother USA contestants season 25.

Big Brother USA 2023 Host:

Julie Chen Moonves is the Big Brother USA 2023 host. She is a CBS producer, news anchor, and television personality from the United States.

Since her debut in the television world in July 2000, she has served as the host of the CBS reality series Big Brother in America.

Big Brother USA 2023 Judges:

Big Brother USA 2023 Jury will comprise the last 9 evicted houseguests, except the final 2 competing for the trophy. Each jury member will put their vote for one of the finalists and place it in the nomination box.

The one who gets the maximum votes is declared the winner and the other one becomes the Runner-up. The USA Big Brother 24 final date is September 25, 2023. We will have to wait till then to see who bags the winner trophy this time.

Latest Episode & News updates on Big Brother USA 2023:

The competition among the Big Brother 25 houseguests is heating up with each passing day. The eviction episode for week 2 of Big Brother 2023 was scheduled for July 21, 2023, but due to Congressional Hearing, it was rescheduled for July 24, 2023.

The latest episode showed that the conspiracies brewing up in the Big Brother house for long have ultimately reached their explosion point.

At today’s meeting, one of the contestants utilized the Power of Veto to remove himself and his partner from contention, thus complicating the situation even further. We can’t wait to see what happens after this interesting turn of events!

Big Brother USA Cast 2023

Big Brother Season 25 Spoilers Alert: – Week 3’s Head of Household is Matt Turner, and it appears that the Houseguest will utilize this week to settle the scores.

Turner lost Pooch, his closest comrade, and, to make matters worse, he just found out about the plan in the final hours before the eviction. Without a doubt, he’ll want to go after the culprit.

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Q. Who will be hosting Big Brother 2023?

A. Big Brother 2023 is being hosted by Julie Chen Moonves. She is a well-known CBS producer, news anchor, and television personality from the United States.

Q. When is the Big Brother 2022 finale date?

A. As per the official channel and program producer, the finale date as of now is September 25, 2022.

Q. Who won Big Brother 2021?

A. Xavier Prather was the winner of Big Brother 2021.

Q. How to Watch Big Brother USA 2023?

A. Big Brother USA 2023 breaths of air on CBS which is their official channel. You can also stream it online at and can watch it on demand on the CBS app and Paramount+. It can also be viewed on

Q. On which days is USA Big Brother 2023 Telecasted?

A. USA Big Brother 2023 is telecasted every week on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT.

Q. Is Big Brother USA coming back in 2023?

A. Looking at the popularity and massive viewership of Big Brother USA 2023, it is extremely likely that Big Brother Season 25 will return in 2023.

The date has not yet been confirmed by the official channel/producers. Keep a tab on the official website or this webpage for the precise launch date.

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