6 Easy Steps to Apply Bigg Boss Marathi Audition & Application 2024 – Season 5

Bigg Boss has successfully kept the audience entertained season after season. Bigg Boss is equally popular in the Marathi version of the show.

Bigg Boss Marathi is the reality television show’s Marathi-language adaptation, which airs on Colors Marathi. On January 8, 2023, Season 4 of Bigg Boss Marathi came to a close, and fans are itching for the start of a brand-new season.

The renewal of the series has not yet been officially announced by the network or the show’s creators, but given its popularity, it is likely to happen soon. Registration and the audition procedure for Big Boss Marathi will begin shortly.

Go through this article to learn more about the audition requirements, eligibility requirements, and how to apply for participating in Bigg Boss Marathi.

Bigg boss Marathi Application season 5 - 2924

About Bigg Boss Marathi in Brief

As previously mentioned, the reality program Bigg Boss Marathi is based on the Hindi program Bigg Boss, which itself is based on the original Dutch Big Brother concept. Several contestants (housemates) in the series live in a specially-built home and are cut off from the outside world.

Each week, housemates nominate two of their fellow housemates for eviction. The two housemates who garner the most nominations each week are subjected to a public vote. One housemate eventually departs after being “evicted” from the Bigg Boss House.

To avoid nominations and elimination from the Bigg Boss show, housemates must overcome obstacles and perform assignments.  By the last week, only 5 contestants remain, and the winner is chosen by public vote.

The winner of Bigg Boss Marathi gets a handsome prize money of Rs. 25 Lakh. The Marathi version of Big Brother does not involve members of the general public as housemates; instead, celebrities are cast.

How to Sign Up for Marathi Bigg Boss TV Show?

The application process for Bigg Boss Marathi is straightforward and quick. Only two things need to be considered: that the information provided is true and accurate, and that you accept the Marathi Bigg Boss TV Show’s Terms & Conditions.

Details for Bigg Boss Marathi Registration form are as follows:

  • Interested participants must download the Voot app or visit the Voot website, www.voot.com to sign up for Bigg Boss Marathi 2024.
  • To register, fill out the registration form completely and accurately by selecting the “Apply” link.
  • Participants must provide a clear video and a photograph of themselves.
  • The video should not be longer than 3 minutes and should be at least 50 MB in size.
  • The contestant must give a suitable introduction in the video and be able to describe their background, abilities, personalities, and any other distinctive traits that make them particularly qualified for the competition.
  • The final step is to submit the form after reviewing all the terms and conditions and uploading the completed video.

Eligibility Requirements For Bigg Boss Marathi 2024

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old and have a strong command of the Marathi language since the show is in Marathi.
  • Participants must be Indian citizens and legal permanent residents of India.
  • Regardless of their celebrity status or social standing, all contestants must be in good mental and physical health.
  • The participants should not have any past criminal history.

Audition Process for Bigg Boss Marathi

The audition process for Bigg Boss Marathi is essentially the same as for the other Bigg Boss franchise series. Make sure that your introduction video has enough of an effect to convince the casting directors and producers that you deserve to be a participant in Bigg Boss Marathi.

The video sent with the application form plays a crucial role in the selection for auditions. The importance of being a patient person, a team player, and having a sharp mind should be highlighted in particular.

The casting directors and producers analyze the applications after they are submitted, and those who are chosen to participate in the subsequent auditions and selection process are notified.

Auditions and selection for further shortlisting are subject to verification of all the documents of the participants, so make sure that you carry your original documents during the auditions.


Q. When is Bigg Boss Marathi Coming Back in 2024?

A. As of this writing, the show’s producer and channel have not provided any information regarding the upcoming Bigg Boss Marathi fifth season in 2024.

But since Bigg Boss Marathi is one of the most well-liked and highly-rated series, there are high chances of it coming back in 2024 and it is only a matter of time before we find out when it will be renewed.

As soon as we learn anything regarding Bigg Boss Marathi returning in 2024, we’ll update this page and let you know about it, so keep visiting!

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