Is the bureau of magical things 2023 Season 3 Renewed or canceled?

Bureau of magical things – Jonathan M. Shiff and Jonathan M. Shiff Productions are the creators and producers of the fantasy television program The Bureau of Magical Things. Kimie Tsukakoshi, Elizabeth Cullen, Mia Milnes, and Julian Cullen are the show’s main actors. On 8 July 2018.

Nickelodeon broadcast the debut episode of The Bureau of Magical Things. There have been two seasons thus far. Based on 1,891 user votes, the series presently has a 6.7 out of 10 IMDb Rating.

The Bureau of Magical Things has not yet received an official renewal announcement from Nickelodeon for a 3rd or 4th season. There is no set date for the 3rd Season or 4th season of The Bureau of Magical Things.

The Bureau of Magical Things 2023 status is currently updated on this page since we follow the news closely to keep you informed.

Bureau of Magical Things Status And details

NameThe Bureau of Magical Things
SeasonSeason 3
Release DatePENDING
Start Time:TBA ET
TV ChannelNickelodeon
Episode RuntimeApprox. 25 minutes
GenresFantasy, Mystery
Parental RatingTV-G

The Bureau of Magical Things 2023 Release Date & When will it Premiere?

The Bureau of Magical Things 4 – The Bureau of Magical Things 3 or 4- No, The Bureau of Magical Things has not been Renewed for the 3rd or 4th Season Yet Now.

24 thoughts on “Is the bureau of magical things 2023 Season 3 Renewed or canceled?”

    • yes please renew the third season of the bureau of magical things I love this show so so so much. it’s just so adventurous and magical

    • Yes pls !!! I love love love this show it definitely deserves a few more seasons. My number one biggest pet peeve is when a good show gets canceled lol I get way to into my shows to where it leaves me heartbroken when I find out they canceled it 😂

  1. I really want there to be more seasons because I want to see what happens I love this show please please I want more seasons

  2. I agree! I really love the show. The characters are genuine and interesting. The relationships draw one in.
    The story lines capture the imagination and drag us along for the ride. Id love to see it continue. There have been other shows that try this sort of genre but didnt pull us in the way this one has. Really enjoyable
    Please continue on! Several more seasons!!

  3. sigh, im sad this hasnt got a season 3. i honestly super liked it even though you can tell its low budget. but it had super good concepts and fun story that kept me interested.

  4. Pleaseeeeeeeee give us season 3!!!
    I want it soooooooo bad!
    The storyline is amazing and it actually feels like an escape from reality!
    It also feels a bit incomplete because still everything isn’t clear…

  5. What would it take to continue this rare prize? It might be possible if we only knew! Young adults need these kinds of influences to fall back on!!!

  6. Yes, this show may be quirky at times but still very enjoyable and entertaining. There should be a season 3 and 4.

  7. Hi please can you make season 3 of Bureau of magical things this show is so amazing thanks for all your hard work making this show.


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