What is BGT Chicken Shed? Audition, Journey, History & Biography

An inclusive theatre group called Chicken Shed is now competing in Britain’s Got Talent’s 16th season under Chickenshed and Chicken Shed Theatre Britain Got Talent 2023: Chicken Shed Biographympany.

They got the Golden Buzzer awarded to Alesha Dixon. Three group members—Gabriel, Jimmy, and Kara—made an introduction. The group’s age range at the audition was 5 to 37.

What is Chicken Shed?

After Alesha Dixon assured them of a spot in the semi-finals, Simon Cowell said of Saturday night’s Golden Buzzer act that he had been waiting for years for them to perform on Britain’s Got Talent.

The tryouts proceeded as millions tuned in to watch the popular show return to television, and one of the acts on stage was Chicken Shed. This theatre company encouraged participants from “all walks of life,” in their own words.

One of their members, Cara, told the camera: “Chicken Shed is a place for people who didn’t have a place before a younger member added: “It’s like we’re on the huge family. We encourage people who are upset to “come on, join us; let’s have some fun.”

The Group’s Audition

The ensemble performed an outstanding cover of Emeli Sande’s Wonder and some fantastic dance movements after promising to knock the judges off their feet on Britain’s Got Talent. Twitter instantly became inundated with emotional responses to the performance, and many people speculated whether one of the judges would be persuaded to press their Golden Buzzer.

Alesha went over to the desk to strike it, and that is exactly what happened, causing gold confetti to fall from the London Palladium’s ceiling onto the stage below. Chicken Shed appeared pleased with the outcome, and Simon, like Alesha, was consistently completely astounded by the business, which has been there for more than 50 years.

He made the following remark when giving his remarks: “I’ve known about Chicken Shed for a long time, and I’ve always wondered when’s the year you’re going to come on Britain’s Got Talent.”

The work you do is very fantastic, and this performance encapsulated everything you do, he continued. This is an actual Golden Buzzer audition, folks.

Simon continued, “That’s why we have a Golden Buzzer,” following Chicken Shed’s exit from the stage, which the host’s Ant and Dec called “pure joy.”

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The Group’s Journey BGT Chicken Shed

They issued their debut record, “Have A Heart At Christmas,” in 1994.

I Am In Love With The World, the group’s lead single from their second album of the same name was released in 1997, and it peaked at number 15 on the Official Chart Top 100.

The group’s third album, “The Chicken Shed Album,” was published in 2004.

When Donny Osmond, Jason Donovan, and Lee Mead sang “Any Dream Will Do” during the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium in 2007, they backed them up.

The group’s “Chicken Shed” moniker began in a vacant chicken barn in Barnett in 1974.

The Judges Comment

“I’ve known about Chickenshed for a long time, and I’ve always wondered when would be the year you would come on Britain’s Got Talent,” Simon stated. Your work is truly amazing, and this performance captured everything you do; the Golden Buzzer was designed for auditions like this.

I appreciate all you stand for and everything you represent, Alesha remarked when asked why she used her Golden Buzzer.

“Everyone feeling included is crucial, and you achieve this in spades while also providing young people with this amazing opportunity and platform. Honestly, I can’t think of anything more vital than that. So I’m honoured to present my Golden Buzzer to you.

Jimmy opened the performance by rapping on young people and their anxieties in the modern world.

Younger performers soon flooded the stage, dancing, singing, and encouraging one another as they all carried on singing “Wonder” by Naughty Boy and Emeli Sandé.

An emotional Alesha rose when the group finished and hit the golden buzzer, sending the act directly to the final.

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The history chicken shed

Everyone needs the opportunity to showcase their talents and Chickenshed more than meets that need. “I’ve spent most of my life in a wheelchair, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because that’s who I am.

Mary Ward, a teacher, and the composers Jo Collins and Anthony Filby formed Chickenshed in 1974.

It was given that name in honour of the abandoned shed in Barnet, North London, where it all started, albeit the theatrical company now calls a complex in adjacent Southgate home.

The singers would dearly love to take home the £250,000 grand prize, but spreading the Chickenshed message of hope is more crucial. “We’re doing this for every young person who has felt like they’ve been abandoned by society,” Jimmy stated.

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