Everything for Australian Survivor 2023 Cast List, Host, Judge & Every Week Eliminated Contestant Result

Survivor is a franchise that has truly stood the test of time. Survivor’s enduring legacy stands out in an industry where shows change every few months.

As Survivor’s roots can be traced back to Sweden in 1997, it is now one of the most popular and enduring shows on television.

We’re thrilled to see it returning to Australia in 2023. For its 10th season, Australian Survivor fans will see ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ fighting it out for the top spot.

Australian survivor 2023
Australian survivor 2023

Heroes Versus Villains: Australian Survivor 2023

This new season of Australia Survivor will see a lot of fun competition. We’ve seen Champions V Contenders, Brains V Brawn and Blood V Water in the past.

Survivor fans will be treated to Heroes V Villains, which will follow the format of American Survivor (where Sandra Diaz-Twine won the competition).

There will be two tribes of twelve contestants this season, each marked by ‘heroic’ or ‘villainous’ traits.

Australian survivor elimination contestant Tonight 2023

Australian survivor elimination today – Here you will get updated results of every week’s performance and eliminated contestants. you all stay with me.

S.NCast NamePrevious status or AboutStatus
1Hayley LeakeWinner of Australian SurvivorSelected
2David ZaharakisFormer AFL PlayerSelected
3Benjamin LawAuthorSelected
4Felicity ‘Flick’ PalmateerSeason 6 FinalistSelected
5Gerry GeltchTourism PilotSelected
6Matt Sharp LifeguardSelected
7Nina Twine Participate Season 7Selected
8Paige Donald JillarooSelected
9Rogue Rubin Animal ActivistSelected
10Sam Webb Season 1Selected
11Sharni Vinson ActorSelected
12Shaun Hampson Season 4Selected
13George Mladenov Runner-Up of Australian Survivor:
Brains Vs Brawn
14Shonee Bowtell A contestant on Australian Survivor:
Champions vs Contenders and All Stars
15Anjali Rao News AnchorEliminated
30 Jan 2023
16Fraser Lack Real Estate AgentSelected
17Jackie Glazier Season 3Selected
18Jordie HansenTBASelected
19Liz Parnova Pole Vault ChampionSelected
20Michael Warren JournalistEliminated
31 Jan 2023
21Mimi Tang Luxury Car Brand ManagerEliminated
01 Feb 2023
22Sarah Marschke Miss World AustraliaSelected
23Stevie KhouwSeason 3Selected
24Simon Mee Season 6Selected

Australian Survivor 2023 Season 10 Host

Australian survivor 2023 Host – It will be Jonathan LaPaglia’s eighth consecutive season hosting Australian Survivor.

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He will guide contestants through challenging times and desolate landscapes. We’re back in the office making #SurvivorAU’s next season & it’s shaping up to be a ripper!”

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How to watch Australian Survivor in Canada/Uk/USA in 2023?

Australian Survivor 10 premiered on 30 January 2023 On 10Play. It is available for free on 10Play for Australians, but not on Paramount Plus for Americans.

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