Apply Now: HGTV Show Christina in the Country Casting Audition & Application In Tn

The HGTV show Christina in the Country, hosted by real estate Designer Christina Hall, has started casting for its upcoming season. If you got bored with your old home decoration or if you have bought a new house, then it’s your chance to make renovations and give your home a new look, and that too on budget with the famous Christina Hall. Cristina Hall is a real estate investor and designer.

The show is now open for new participants who are eager to give their house a new look, and if you are from Franklin or Nashville, then you are more than welcome to enroll in the show. So don’t wait; apply for it and give your house a brand new look.

About The HGTV Show Christina In the Country

Christina in the Country is the show officially premiering on HGTV. The show first started in 2022 and is about to make its comeback in 2024. The show focuses on renovating the houses of the participants according to the owners choices and some of Christina’s choices. In the show, Cristina is now with her family, adding the Tennessee twist.

How to Apply for the Show Christina In the Country

HGTV Canada casting call 2024 – To apply for the show, you just need to send your details and photos to the official email of the show. You need to choose which part of the house you want to renovate and how you would like it to look. Send an email with all the details. Also, you need to mention why you want Christina to renovate your house.

HGTV Show Christina In the Country Casting and Application Process

The casting and application process for the show is easy, as you just need to email all the details to the email provided below. In the email, you need to write a brief story about your house and why you want Christina’s help in the renovation.

Include your photo, phone number, and location with the photos of your house that you want to renovate. After applying through email, wait for further processing. You will get a call or be informed by the casting team about the next required steps.

Last Date of Application

Apply for the show as soon as possible, as the last date for receiving applications is August 11, 2023.

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