How to get cast for TV commercials in Canada: Milo Senior Black Couples Casting in Toronto

Milo Casting is looking for some energetic black senior couples. For the shoot of a luxury bath Commercial, Milo Casting has opened its window to allow participants. If you are an enthusiastic couple who are excited to do something new or have been interested in the field of acting in commercials, you are more than welcome.

This is an exclusive chance for residents of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to appear in the luxury brand commercial. Write down your details and forward them to the official email handle of Milo Casting to get cast without any auditions. Just email on: or Call – 416-546-6974.

To apply for the show, email the email address provided below with the subject “Project Tub Senior” and write couple if you are participating as a couple or individual if you are taking part as a single. Include your basic details, consisting of name, age, city, province, and ethnicity.

You should include a phone number and Email address where Milo can contact you. Make sure you are not a member of ACTRA. Attach your photos, and you are done applying for the casting of Milo Senior Black Couples in Toronto, Canada.

About milo casting

Milo Casting is one of the biggest Talent agencies in Toronto, with a vast network of performers. Milo has experienced as well as fresher performers, and it authenticates the quality of performers they provide to the shows. Milo casts people for different shows and series.

Milo ensures the quality of working with real people. It finds the rarest talented people to work with the variety of Brands. Milo works with the top brands in the world.

It focuses on being real and providing real performers to the clients. Milo is a great agency if you are looking to get cast with the top brands or want to enter the industry in Canada.

Requirement Details for Application of Milo Casting

To be eligible to get cast, you need to be from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You should be in the 60–70 age group.

You can be a black senior couple or a single individual to participate. You should be available for the schedule dates given by Milo Casting, which are August 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2023.

You should not be a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists (ACTRA), a national community of performers in Canada.

Submission Information For Senior Black Couples Casting In Toronto

Those chosen for this campaign will be paid $4000+ per person if featured in the commercial! If interested, you must submit in order to be considered for this project.

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