How can I sign up for Harry Potter Tv Series open Casting call Audition, Cast & Application 2024

Warner Bros. hosted its Max streaming event. Fans of Harry Potter can look forward to a new era. J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard books will be turned into a TV Series. Here are the most current answers to the most common questions.

About Harry Potter TV Series 2024

Max Originals will delve deep into each of the classic books that fans have enjoyed for decades.” According to HBO’s and Max Content’s Casey Bloys, the project will be a faithful adaptation.

As early reports indicated, each season would focus on a Harry Potter book, Bloys said the project would run for “ten consecutive years,” contradicting the one season, one book assertion.

The WBD brass specifically stated during the announcement that Fantastic Beasts will not be part of the series.

As the company embarks on its new Harry Potter adventure, Bloys promised that it would do so with “full care and craft.”

Name of the SeriesHarry Potter TV Series
ProductionWarner Bros. Discovery
OTT PlatformHBO Max
Bloody Daddy OTT Release Date2025/26
Film IndustryHollywood
Written ByJ.K. Rowling

New Season Harry Potter tv series Air 2024

It is expected that the series will premiere in 2025 or 2026, and Warner Bros. In a major revamp of its streaming service, Discovery even changed the name from HBO Max to Max.

Harry Potter wizarding on the platform is pretty much a given. Last year, J.K. Rowling’s production company posted a 74% decline in profits.

New Series Harry Potter tv Series Casting Call 2024

It is certain that there will be new actors and actresses joining the Harry Potter cast in the upcoming series, and they will surely post the casting call for it.

The news of the show just being announced to the world and media has probably not resulted in anyone being cast yet. At the moment, Max is looking for a strong showrunner for its official broadcast.

We are confident the upcoming television series will get the best talent. Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Ruper Grint could make a surprise cameo in the upcoming series.

A TV series starring them will boost their PR, while new roles will be filled with new actors. New characters could play young roles in the story’s main or lead roles.

HBO Max TV Series Harry potter auditions 2025

How can I sign up for Harry Potter open-casting call

Harry Potter open casting Audition 2024 – Currently, there is no schedule for the upcoming television Series, so you cannot give an audition. They will take some time to find its showrunner before casting and auditioning begin.

Harry Potter auditions are available from Backstage, or one can contact the hiring agency for the series. The application deadlines for Broadwayworld can be found on the official website.

How to audition for the harry potter tv series 2024

We have all the details on how to audition for HBO Max’s new Harry Potter series.

  • Submit your audition – Your video audition should now be ready to upload to the casting platform or emailed after you’ve recorded it.
  • Prepare your audition: The next step is to prepare for your audition. You will need to read a Harry Potter scene carefully and practice your lines.
  • Check the casting call: Check the casting call for the new Harry Potter series as the first step to auditioning. It will be posted on HBO Max’s website, on social media platforms, and on casting sites like Project Casting. If you meet the requirements, make sure you read the casting call carefully.

Eligibility criteria for harry potter tv shows

This means that it is generally aimed at children aged 12 to 17 and in grade levels 7 to 10.

Eligibility Requirement For Harry Potter Application

  • An adult must apply for children aged 12-17.
  • Legal US/uk Residents are required.
  • The U.S/UK Requires legal authorization for you to live and work there
  • As of now, you have no intention of running for public office

Harry Potter casting Contact Details

Please notify Producer at as soon as possible. This is not an official website; only information has been given here. Visit the official site to apply.

What is the process of getting cast in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter auditions for primary or lead roles take place internally at Warner Brothers. The Harry Potter movie series is renowned throughout the world.

No actors and actresses can be picked up for classical roles by the officials. A lead role in the upcoming television show is only yours if you’re lucky, otherwise, you’re cast as a backstage actor.

You will need to follow the official Harry Potter casting website to get cast in Harry Potter 2024. To find out more about the upcoming television series’ casting details and required roles, contact the hiring agency.

How to do you Application for the Harry Potter tv Series 2024?

In addition to social media open calls, the casting team will contact all the agencies for children and contact local drama groups.

Who will play Harry Potter’s new series?

Toby WoolfHarry Potter
Bronte CarmichaelHermione
Joshua PickeringRon Weasley
Tom FeltonLucius Malfoy
Adam DriverSeverus Snape
Helen MirrenMinerva McGonagall
Blair UnderwoodAlbus Dumbledore

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  1. Hi I would like my child Beau to audition for the role as Harry Potter in the up coming series. Everyone says he looks like him he is 10 years old.

  2. Hello can you adition my daughter for her mine granger or pansy parkinson she has always dreamt of being a Harry Potter character.

  3. Hi I’m 11 and would look to audition for Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson or Lavender Brown as its been my dream to be and actress and in Harry potter

  4. Hello my name is Johnny Aouad artist and professional singer from lebanon I have 3 kids with red head and trying to get an opportunity for an exposure in harry Potter series if interested you can check my page on Facebook and Instagram:Johnny Aouad,as we can communicate through messenger then I can forward my number to you.
    Thank you

  5. Hello my name is Olivia I am 12 years old and I want to audition for Pansy Parkinson or really any female character I am about 4’11 and have black hair with brown skin if that helps and I really want to be in the new Harry Potter series.


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