How to Apply: Hunted Australia Casting, Audition & Application: 2024 – Season 3

Hunted Australia is one of my favorite reality television shows that is inspired by the British television show that has an identical name. The Hunted AU show started on July 17, 2022, and received 12 million viewers in its three weeks of airing.

Applications for Hunted Australia will be coming soon. The show consists of teams that use their skills to survive while not getting caught by the authorities. The show is simple yet tough. In today’s world, where every action can be tracked, do you think you can hide from the authorities?

If yes, then apply for the show. We have mentioned all the required details to get cast in Hunted AU. 

What is the Process of Hunted Australia Casting 2024?

The process of AU involves a common process like other reality shows where you need to pass the auditions to get cast. After the spectacular performance of the show, the makers of the show are confirmed to come back with the next season soon.

So for the audience members who wanted to know how to take part in the show, here is your chance to play in the competition and win the grand prize money if you win. To participate, you need to fill out the application form and wait for the chance to audition.

Later on in your audition performance, you will be informed about your casting schedule. The process of casting is completely free, so you must apply.

How do I Audition for Hunted Australia?

Hunted Australia Audition 2024 – Candidates who want to join the Hunted AU need to go through the audition process. We have mentioned all the things that you need to know for your upcoming Hunted Australia auditions.

  • The candidate needs to fill out the application form with personal details such as candidate name, date of birth, email ID, current mobile number, permanent address, state, occupation, and other mandatory information.
  • The candidate should not submit an incomplete application form. The form will be rejected by the administration.
  • The candidates should provide the correct information with the video and photographs in the format mentioned only.
  • The candidate should fill out the online application form as per the specifications. All information must be true and genuine. The candidate should upload the correct information about themselves and their teammate and submit the form. You should wait for the callback.
  • The candidate will be selected and called for the next procedure. In which a document verification procedure will be conducted. First of all, the casting authority should check all the documents of the applicants. The candidate must be shown proof of address, proof of legal residence, proof of identity, tax details, a medical fitness certificate, and an evaluation of criminal history.
  • The candidate will be called for the medical evaluation procedure where you will be examine by the doctors panel.
  • Finally, the selected candidate should be called for a face-to-face interview. In which case, the producer of the show will check the abilities of the candidate. They will be asked about personal details and background questions. Now, the final candidate should be participating in the show.
  • The candidate should bring the following documents to Hunted AU: proof of residence, proof of address, proof of identity, a bank account, and a medical fitness certificate.

How do I apply for the Hunted Au Application for 2024?

Hunted Australia Application 2024 – For the fans of Hunted Australia, the new season will be back, and the auditions are expected to start soon. The candidate should follow the following tips to apply for Hunted Australia 2024:

  • The candidate should fill out an application form which will be available on the official website.
  • The candidates wanted to apply should be at least 18 years old.
  • The candidate should be an Australian citizen and a permanent resident.
  • You need to fill out your personal details like name, address, current contact information, email ID, gender, and so on.
  • The candidate should answer some questions, like why they want to join the show, and ask some questions about themselves.
  • Finally, the candidate should submit a video in which they introduce themselves and show their skills that will help them sustain in the show.

After the submission of the application form wait for the further instruction or you will be notified through your registered phone no or email address.

Who is the judge of Hunted Australia?

Basically, the show does not have any judges. Hunted AU is a reality competition series in which the participants compete against a group of hunters. But the show has a team of skilled hunters who will be doing everything to track down the participants.

In the previous season, the team of hunters had some well-known officers on the team to trap the participants. The team has Dr. Chief David as a chief, Ben Owen as a deputy in intelligence, Dr. Karla Lopez as a forensic psychologist, and Reece Dewar, OAM, as a deputy in operations.

Who is the host of the Hunted Australia for 2024?

Hunted Australia has no hosts, but in place of hosts, the show has a lead investigator. Dr. David Craig, who is a former superintendent of the Australian Federal Police, Dr. David Craig is a covert secret agent from 2013.

He has protected three prime ministers and investigated the Bali bombing. He is efficient in his work and really sucks when it comes to hunting you down.

Application Deadline 

The most anticipated show, Hunted AU, has not revealed any casting dates for the upcoming season of Hunted Australia 2024.

The deadlines for the applications are not confirmed yet. However, you can keep a check on the official website, and we will be updating the schedule here as well to keep track of the latest updates.


Q. Who is the host of Hunted Australia?

A. There is no host in Hunted AU, but the show has a chief investigator, Dr. David Craig, the former superintendent of the Australian Federal Police.

Q. Who is the judge of the Hunted AU?

A. The Hunted Australia is a reality competition show with no judges.

Q. Has anyone released the trailer for The Hunted Australia for 2024?

A. The fans are eagerly waiting for the Hunted AU trailer, but no official trailer will be released. Currently, there is no official announcement about the release of the trailer for The Hunted Australia.

Q. When was Hunted Australia filmed for 2024?

A. There are no indications that Hunted AU 2024 has started filming for its upcoming season. So, it is presumed that the filming of AU has not started yet.

Q. When does the hunted for Australia start in 2024?

A. Season 2 of Hunted Australia is live on the official channel partner and streaming platforms. Although the starting dates for the Hunted Australia are not yet known, We will update it here soon.

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