How Do I Join IFBB Pro League?

The Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend and the Arnold Sports Festival and Rising Phoenix World Championships are the two most prestigious competitions held by the IFBB Professional League (IFBB), the largest international professional sports governing body federation in the world for bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure, bikini, and wellness.

The IFBB, except the IFBB Pro League Ben Weider Natural Pro, does not frequently test competitors for steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. Hence INBA/PNBA Global is the natural equal to the IFBB.

How to Apply for IFBB Pro League Application 2024

The Fitness Authority Festival will hold its subsequent iterations on April 22, May 27, June 10, September 9, and October 21-22, 2023.

Trade fairs will be organized once again at each Festival edition to showcase to a large audience of bodybuilding enthusiasts from Poland and abroad a variety of equipment, products, services, and fitness & wellness accessories from our partners.

The world-class NPC Worldwide amateur league championships and the IFBB Professional League championships, in which athletes from all over the globe will compete, are the most significant athletic events of each edition of the Festival.

Fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts will have the chance to interact with many of their favourite athletes, top trainers, and international stars.

IFBB Pro League Application 2024

Entry Criteria for IFBB Pro League

Participants in the amateur NPC Worldwide and IFBB Professional League competitions in 2023 will contend for:

27 IFBB PRO League professional cards that allow entry into the world’s most prominent events, including Mr Olympia in the United States, which is the most significant competition for professionals.

the opportunity to qualify for your nation’s national team to compete in the NPC Worldwide World Championship in the USA; prestigious championship titles from the IFBB Professional League and the NPC Worldwide federation; financial prizes supported by the IFBB Professional League contest organizer.

• Sponsored participation in competitions for the PRO QUALIFIER Rank.

• In-kind awards provided by partners and sponsors of the NPC Worldwide competition.

IFBB Pro League Categories

  • Bodybuilding is the one that got everything going.
  • You cannot get too large. You cannot be too muscular. You want a big V-taper and minimal waste.  Aim for fully rounded muscles. Never stop working out to get bigger. The smaller man will triumph over you!
  • The body as a whole has to be balanced. Each muscle should be in balance with the others. The gap between muscles should span the whole length of each muscle and be quite profound. A flat stomach should be avoided. Striations, feathers, and muscle fibres are signs of the bodybuilding-specific conditioning needed.
  • Old-School Physique
  • the dated appearance.
  • The objective of this NPC Division is to resemble Arnold. You ought to have a slim waist and broad, round muscles. Ripped. A posing technique is reminiscent of the golden age of bodybuilding with less mass than bodybuilding. The key is the waist-to-shoulder ratio. There should be a muscle pop.
  • Comparing the quarter turns and the next five required poses constitutes the judging. Back double biceps, side chest, front double biceps, abdominals, thighs, and your preferred classic position (Not Most Muscular) are required. The read lat spread, read double biceps, and most muscular are not utilized in Classic Physique judging, in contrast to bodybuilding.
  • Men’s Fitness
  • The GQ style.
  • of the most well-liked NPC Divisions. The sportsmen are dressed in board shorts. Thus, the upper body’s appearance is highlighted, especially the waist-to-shoulder ratio. Large arms are possible. The majority of other categories are not what you want.
  • Ultimately, you want your shoulders and lats to be quite broad and your waist to be as narrow as possible. Deep back separation and a good chest depth are essential. You don’t want to be so lean that your muscle fibres are visible.

Pro League Rules

Each contestant is called up individually in numerical order, and they have 60 seconds to do the following eight poses in the order they are listed.

The most muscular parts of the body are the front double biceps, front lat spread side chest, back double biceps, back lat spread side triceps, abdominals, and thighs. The full lineup is then called onstage in numerical order, and they line up equally on each side of the stage in diagonal rows. For the callouts, the centre stage space is left open.

The chief judge then instructs teams of contestants to do the obligatory poses and quarter turns in numerical order. The head judge decides how big the groupings should be.

The chief judge then leads the chosen contestants through the callouts, where they are measured against one another in the necessary postures and quarter turns. The head judge has the final say over how many competitors are included in the callouts and where they are placed.

The Final Score is 50% Judging. Athletes with stretched abdominal/stomach muscles will receive a lower score in both the judging and the finals.

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