Who Are Light Balance Kids? Light Balance Kids – America’s Got Talent Wiki, Bio

Founded in 2012 and based in Dnipro, Ukraine, Light Balance is an LED dance Group. Their television performances in competition events are what made them the most well-known.

The Light Balance Kids, a light-up dancing troupe, appeared on America’s Got Talent Season 14. Unfortunately, they didn’t reach the top 5 in that season, though they did manage to get the top 10.

Despite not reaching the top 5 in America’s Got Talent Season 14, they had created such a mark on the judges and the audiences that they were called again on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars which is currently being aired.

Although there isn’t much information on Light Balance Kids online, we have nonetheless managed to compile some facts about them. For more information about them, keep reading.

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Biography/Background of Light Balance Kids

Light Balance Kids Wiki – A group of high-tech dancers known as Light Balance Kids performs in the dark using choreographed movements and integrated EL and LED lights that follow predetermined cues.

A total of 13 dancers between the ages of 11 and 14 make up the company, which was founded in 2012 and is situated in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

Light Balance Kids usually perform in dance styles: breakdance, popping, robotics, lyrical hip-hop, modern hip-hop dancing, and acrobatics.

In a sense, the Light Balance Kids group’s journey began in 2017 when it participated in Ukraine’s Got Talent. There was no turning back after this competition.

They soon took part in Season 14 of America’s Got Talent, and their performance in the audition round made an impression on the judges.

Light Balance Kids received a golden buzzer in the Judge Cuts round sending them straight to the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it to the top 5 in the show.

The good news is this group is again back and will be featured in America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.

They appeared in the auditions for the 15th season of Germany’s Got Talent in 2021, where they won the Ehrlich Brothers’ Golden Buzzer and advanced to the Finals.

Light Balance Kids is one of the acts that received a Golden Buzzer on both America’s Got Talent and a global edition of the Got Talent series.

Stage NameLight Balance Kids
Age Group11-14 years
GenderGroup of Boys and Girls
ActLight-Up Dance
FromDnipro, Ukraine

Light Balance Kids’Information for AGT Season 14

Age (At Audition)11-14 years
SexMixed Group of Boys and Girls
ActLight-Up Dance
Participated in SeasonAGT Season 14
Position AchievedFinalist

Light Balance Kids’Information for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

Age (At Audition)11-14 years
SexMixed Group of Boys and Girls
ActLight-Up Dance
Participated in SeasonAGT: All-Stars
Position AchievedTo Be Announced

Light Balance Kids’ Social Media Existence

Since becoming well-known on a global scale, Light Balance Kids’ social media following has grown, especially as a result of winning the judge’s and audience’s hearts and receiving a golden buzzer in AGT Season 14.

Following are the social media handles of Light Balance Kids for following them on social media.


They have 28.9k Instagram followers, which is a significant fan following, but just 2,474 Twitter followers. In addition, they have 19k Facebook followers and 110k YouTube subscribers.


Q. How does Light Balance work?

A. Their best-known TV appearances have been in competition shows involving LED dance troupes. They were formed in 2012 and are based in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Q. How much is Light Balance kid’s net worth?

A. Exact net worth not known of light balance kids.

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