Who is Lila Forde on The Voice 2023? Biography/Wiki, Age, Networth, Earnings, Relationship, Professional Life & Carrier

Lila Forde the sensational American vocalist, has become a standout star in the 2023 season 24 of The Voice, leaving an indelible mark with her extraordinary talent.

Originating from the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington, Lila’s journey on the show has been nothing short of captivating, securing her position on Team Legend and establishing her as a formidable contender for the competition’s coveted crown.

What distinguishes Lila extends beyond her commanding vocals; it is her commitment to excellence and refusal to settle for anything less than extraordinary that truly sets her apart. Shaped by a spiritual upbringing, Lila’s musical trajectory is deeply influenced by her parents.

As she continues to showcase her exceptional artistry in a variety of settings, from upscale hotels to charming farmers markets, Lila Forde stands as a shining example of the limitless possibilities.

About Lila Forde

Lila Forde, the 24-year-old singer from Seattle, has undoubtedly emerged as one of the early favorites in The Voice 2023.

With her soulful voice and a trajectory already set towards recording her debut album, Lila made a striking impact by getting all Four-Chair turns and swiftly establishing herself as a standout performer in the season.

Beyond the spotlight, Lila Forde is also a traveler, an explorer who seeks new adventures and experiences. In her free time, she finds joy in baking delicious treats and indulging in the excitement of shopping for unique items.

Rooted in a rich musical heritage, Lila’s journey is deeply influenced by her mother, a gifted concert pianist, and her upbringing in a spiritual family in Seattle. Currently, she is recording her debut album funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $16,000, Lila Forde is not just a contestant on The Voice; she is an artist poised for an extraordinary musical journey.

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Lila Bio, Wiki & Age

Born in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, Lila Forde is now 24 years old. Her musical journey began at a young age, inspired by her mother, a classical pianist, who ignited her love for music.

High school introduced her to the enchanting world of jazz, sparking a passion that would become an inseparable part of her identity. Her college period at USC proved to be a transformative period, where she realized that music was her true calling.

Embracing the nurturing environment at USC Thorton, Lila flourished under their guidance, particularly in the Afro-Latin American Jazz ensemble, where she connected with Professor Aaron Serfaty. This musical exploration broadened her skills in writing, playing, and listening, shaping her unique approach to music.

Lila Forde’s musical prowess extends beyond academia; she is a talented musician who has released songs and an EP. In 2021, she unveiled a six-song EP titled “In Another Life,” showcasing her multifaceted artistry.

Recent singles like “Come Loose” and “All I Expected” further solidify her presence in the music scene. Lila’s deep connection to music is rooted in her mother’s classical piano expertise, which continues to influence her work.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Lila is a versatile individual with a love for travel and exploration, always seeking new places and experiences. Her passions extend to baking, where she crafts delicious treats, and indulges in the thrill of shopping for unique items.

As she captivates audiences with her singing abilities, Lila Forde emerges not only as a promising musical talent but also as a dynamic individual with a rich tapestry of interests and experiences.  

Estimated Net Worth & Earnings

While an exact net worth figure for the rising star singer Lila Forde is currently unavailable, it is evident that she is on a successful path in the music industry, undoubtedly making her parents proud with her growing career.

Reports suggest that new singers in Los Angeles can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from $51,414 to $70,089. This estimate reflects the potential financial success that Lila, as a talented artist, could achieve in the early stages of her career.

Furthermore, if she secures the coveted title on The Voice, substantial prize money from the officials awaits her, potentially adding a significant boost to her earnings. 

Relationship status

She is romantically involved with Niko Embry, a skilled drummer and musician. The couple not only looks amazing together but also forms a dynamic duo in the realm of music.

Their shared passion for music has played a significant role in strengthening their bond, with both Lila and Niko likely collaborating on numerous musical endeavors. 

Professional Life & Carrier

Lila Forde’s journey in the music realm is a narrative of passion, skill, and a relentless pursuit of her artistic identity. Her musical journey began in high school, where a profound interest in jazz music laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Choosing to major in music and psychology at the University of Washington, Lila furthered her education, cultivating her talents in songwriting and instrumentation. The Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California became the nurturing ground where Lila refined her skills, leading to the release of a remarkable six-song EP titled In Another Life in 2021.

This collection featured standout tracks like “Come Loose” and “All I Expected,” showcasing her soulful, honest, and authentic musical style. Her ambition to become a professional musician guided Lila to Los Angeles upon graduating in 2021.

A versatile artist, Lila not only excels in studio work but has also graced various venues and festivals, including the Seattle Folk Festival and the LA Jazz Festival. Describing her music as a means to connect with people and share emotions and experiences, Lila’s authenticity resonates in every note she plays.

Her blind audition on The Voice, featuring a soulful rendition of Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith, captivated the coaches, resulting in a four-chair turn. Drawing comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Lila received praise from Niall Horan, with Gwen Stefani and John Legend expressing their admiration.

Choosing to join Team Legend, Lila Forde’s professional journey in the world of music promises to be an inspiring tale of artistry and connection.

NameLila Forde
Age 24
Occupation Singer and Songwriter
Country USA
Hometown Seattle, Washington
Instagram lilfody

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