Who is Louis Phillip on Big Brother AU?/Biography & Net worth

The popular reality show Big Brother Australia is officially renewed for its next installment on channel 7. Season 15 will introduce some enthusiastic contestants who are referred to as Housemates living in an isolated house in Australia.

NameLouis Phillip
Age 24 
Occupation Social Media manager
Country Australia
Hometown Melbourne, VIC
Instagram   louisphillips12

The 14 contestants revealed by Big Brother Australia will be competing to win the title of winner along with prize money in season 15 of Big Brother Australia. Louis Phillip from Victoria is participating in Big Brother Australia. He works as a social media manager and fitness model.

He is 24 years old and has a charming personality that can easily impress anyone. He is impressive and ready to do whatever it takes to be on top till he will allow him. He is a fitness fanatic who has an ideal physique and personality.

Louis is the Founder of his fitness venture and he is also a fitness model who has 190K plus followers on his Instagram page. On the other hand, he is determined to find love while competing in Big Brother Australia.

About Louis Phillip

Louis is 24 years old and from Victoria. He works in social media and likes running marathons. He’s got a great personality, is smart, and has a calm and friendly demeanor. He’s a strong candidate for the show Big Brothers:

House of Love. His charming character and professional skills make him a strong competitor, and he’s confident he’ll leave a lasting impression on the show. 

Bio, Wiki & Age Of Louis Phillip

Louis Phillip is from Victoria, Australia. He is 24 years 24-year-old social media manager, model and influencer. He started his brand in 2019 titled NineToFive Fitness which is a successful venture. His other ventures are also successful and make him money generously.

He has done his education at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Victoria. He has an impactful presence on social media including TicTok and Instagram. Currently, he is participating in the reality series Big Brother Australia which is premiering on November 6 on Channel seven. 

Estimated Net Worth & Earnings Louis Phillip

Louis is assumed to earn a generous amount as he has several income sources that contribute to Net Worth. He is a social media manager and has successful ventures including NineToFive Fitness and Sunday Lounge.

He is a fitness model and fitness influencer which also contributes to the net worth of Louis. However, his estimated net worth is still unknown.    


Louis is from Australia and his nationality is Australian. However, his actual ethnicity is still unknown. 

Relationship status

Louis Phillip was assumed to be single. The fitness freak likes to keep his personal life private and hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life including his dating life.

According to Luis, he is not someone who can kiss someone and walk away which shows his seriousness about his partner. With his captivating personality and kind nature, Louis is dedicated to finding true love in the reality show Big Brother Australia. 

Professional Life & Carrier of Louis Phillip

Louis Phillip is a Social Media Manager by profession. He started his career in the Australian Football League where he worked as a Social Media Manager part-time.

Later he founded a fitness company named NineToFive Fitness where he is founder and COO (Chief Operating Officer). In  July 2022 he started his luxury loungewear brand called Sunday Lounge and he is co-owner of the brand.

In all this, Louis takes his social media manager career seriously and has grown his social media pages to new heights. He is also a fitness enthusiast who has turned his passion into his career.

In January 2023 he started an initiative called Sunday Run where he helped others to maximize their fitness goals. Along with this, he has started The Sunday Run Podcast which introduces the audience to new guests and people who share their thoughts and ideas on the podcast.

Also recently Louis is making his appearance in the popular reality show Big Brother Australia. His social media pages capture your attention with his fitness looks and eye-capturing body. He is a fitness model with over 190K followers on Instagram.  

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