MasterChef Australia Season 16 Release Date & How to Apply for 2024

MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA SEASON 16 – MasterChef Australia is an Australian cooking reality show and competition. Screening on Network 10, this show is produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

MasterChef Australia is a part of the global MasterChef franchise. Since the premiere of MasterChef Australia, this show has completed 15 seasons.

Today, television is filled with numerous talent shows showcasing talents such as music, dance, singing, etc., but MasterChef is the only competitive talent show which showcases cooking talent.

MasterChef Australia is a podium where amateur home cooks are given a chance to showcase their talent and a special love for creating extraordinary food.

Progressing through the contest, the amateur home cooks are subjected to go through a series of challenges as per the show’s format and they are judged based on their performance. The appointed judges are acclaimed chefs and food critics and they are none other than Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo.

The format of MasterChef Australia differs from that of the original British MasterChef. The contest starts with the audition rounds where huge numbers of amateur home cooks from across Australia take part, out of which only 24 participants progress to the show’s main stage, i.e., the MasterChef Kitchen.

In the MasterChef kitchen, the contestants are subjected to numerous individual and team cooking challenges and are judged on the parameters which are needed to become a MasterChef. 

During their MasterChef Journey, they get an opportunity to meet and learn from acclaimed chefs from around the world and enhance their cooking skills.

The winner of each season is awarded a handsome cash prize of a whopping $250,000, a chance to publish their cookbook, and chef training from a leading professional chef.

If you have a passion for creating new food and want the world around you to know about your cooking talent, then there is no better platform than MasterChef Australia Season 16.

MasterChef Australia 2023 Open Now

How to Apply/Register for MasterChef Australia 2024?

MasterChef Australia applications 2024 will be accepted only through their official website The following steps are to be followed for MasterChef Australia 2024 registration:

  • All participants are requested to visit the official website to fill out the application form and click on the registration link given at the site.
  • The participant needs to fill in all the necessary details such as name, date of birth, contact details, e-mail address, and address.
  • Participants need to submit a photo of themselves along with the pictures of the last three dishes prepared by them.
  • The participants also need to create a 1-3 minute video to showcase his/her ability in the kitchen. In this video, they also need to introduce themselves and tell what cooking means to them. This video needs to be submitted along with the form and it should be in the format stated on the website. Though submitting a video is not necessary, it is encouraged to submit one.
  • Read all the official Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting the application form.
  • After the submission of the form, all participants are required to take a printout of the submitted application form.
  • Now Apply for MasterChef Australia 2024

Eligibility Criteria for MasterChef Australia 2024

The following eligibility criteria need to be met for participation in MasterChef Australia 2024

  • The participant should be 18 years of age as of October 2022.
  • The participant should be an Australian Citizen or a legal permanent resident of Australia.
  • The participant must be an amateur cook.
  • The participants cannot have any formal tertiary or other professional cooking qualifications acquired in the last 10 years.
  • The participant should be physically and mentally fit to face the challenges of the show. To prove the same, the participant needs to submit a physical and psychological fitness form which is duly conducted by a medical professional selected by the producer.
  • The participant’s main source of income currently should not come from working as a chef in a professional form and cannot be a pra professional cook.
  • During the contest, the participants must be willing to travel to any part of Australia on any date given.
  • The participant should not have a criminal record in his/her name. They need to gipermithe producers to do a background check as deemed necessary by them.
  • Anyone related to the directors, employees, officers, or their immediate family members, and anyone affiliated with the production house is not eligible to participate in the MasterChef Australia process.
Masterchef Australia Season 15
MasterChef Australia Season 16

MasterChef Australia Audition 2024

The audition for MasterChef Australia 2024 is the foremost step in the whole journey of becoming a MasterChef.  This involves the selection of the best few home cooks out of all the registrations received.

After rigorously scrutinizing each of them, they select the best few who will then continue forward in their quest to becoming MasterChef Australia.

The producers then contact these selected participants and interview them. This interview then decides who will move forward to the audition round.

Pre-Registration of MasterChef Australia 2024

Pre-registration of your profile and selecting your open call venue/location in advance is greatly advised and encouraged. All the information and details about the pre-registration process are available on the official website After successful completion of the pre-registration process, it is advised to attend an open call.  To attend an open call the following things are essential:

  • A fully completed application.
  • A dish that has been prepared by you has the capability of impressing the judges.

MasterChef Australia 2024 Judges

The esteemed judges of MasterChef Australia 2024 are superbly talented and have attained this position because of their knowledge and experience in culinary art:

Andy Allen is the winner of the fourth season of MasterChef Australia in 2012 and is an Australian chef. He is a co-owner of Three Blue Ducks restaurant, which is in five locations in Australia.

Melissa Leong, who is the second judge, is a freelance food writer and critic, cookbook editor and marketer, radio broadcaster, and an Australian TV host. She has been the judge of MasterChef Australia since 2020. The show’s third judge is Jock Zonfrillo.

He was a former chef and a Scottish TV presenter. He was the owner of Restaurant Orana and Bistro Blackwood. The Good Food Guide awarded Restaurant Orana with the Restaurant of the Year award. Since 2020, Jock Zonfrillo has been the judge of MasterChef Australia.

How to Watch Online MasterChef Australia

All seasons of MasterChef Australia can be viewed online on their official website. Streaming of episodes is also available on Tubi TV and Hotstar. It can also be viewed on the Apple TV app.

Latest News & Updates for MasterChef Australia Season 16

MasterChef Australia 2024 Casting Audition Open Call – Audition is started now visit the official site and apply Now. This show is produced by Shine Australia & Screens on Network 10. The contestant  MasterChef Australia 2024 is To apply.

MasterChef Australia 2024 Release/Premiere Date

There will be a brand new season on Australian screens very soon! Producers have announced that the 2024 season will debut on May at 7:30 PM on 10 and 10 Play. There is a good reason for the new season being shorter than the standard two-month airing period.

As you may be aware, MasterChef Australia has been renewed by Network Ten for a 16th season. On May 2024, Network Ten will debut the first episode of MasterChef Australia.

FAQ for MasterChef Australia

Q. Is MasterChef Australia coming back in 2024?

A. Yes MasterChef Australia season 16 is coming back On May 2024. Network Ten premiered the first episode of MasterChef Australia.

The 16th season of the 60-minute reality cooking television programmer MasterChef Australia has just begun. Mondays at 19:30 on Network Ten, MasterChef Australia airs.

Q. How to apply for MasterChef Australia 2024?

A. All Applications/Registrations for MasterChef Australia 2024 (Season 16) will be accepted only through their official website

The applicants need to click on the registration link and fill out the form following all the steps mentioned on the site carefully.

Failure to do so might cause rejection of the application form. The detailed process for applying for MasterChef Australia 2024 is given above on this page.

Q. Who Can Participate in MasterChef Australia?

A. To participate in MasterChef Australia, one needs to fulfil certain eligibility requirements. Not all can participate in this.

For detailed information on who can participate, you can refer to the “Eligibility Criteria for MasterChef Australia 2024” given above in this article.

Q. How do you enter MasterChef?

A. To enter MasterChef Australia for 2024, one needs to go through a stepwise procedure. The procedure starts with filling out the registration/application form given on the official website After the application,

If selected, you will be called for an audition round. Based on your performance in the audition round, you will be selected to move forward where you will be competing against other amateur home cooks for the MasterChef Trophy. All the stages are discussed in detail in the article above.

What comes to mind when you are asked what you love the most? Of course! apart from your loved ones, 99% of people think of “Good Food.” Food is not something that only satisfies your hunger. Good food satisfies the soul too!

There are only a few people who can transform simple ingredients into an eye-pleasing and tasty dish. If you possess these qualities, then MasterChef Australia Audition is the platform that can provide you with the recognition that you are worthy of.

This platform highly appreciates amateur home cooks from varied backgrounds and diverse cooking styles. If you get selected, then MasterChef Australia can open many avenues towards pursuing your cooking passion professionally.

Even if you do not end up winning the show, you will get to learn throughout the MasterChef journey from the best in the industry. Do keep checking the official website or this webpage for any further announcements regarding the show.

Here’s wishing you the best of luck!

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  1. When will we see Black (African Descent) contestants on the show? I have seen many people of color but never a Black person. Not even one. Surely there must be Black people in Australia and surely some of them must be amateur cooks. I live in the United States and watch the show all the time but am disappointed that I never see any people of my race on the show. I hope you will consider allowing some Black contestants to participate in the show.

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    Wish me luck korumburra people.

  3. It will be more honest if 30,000 were given for 3rd place, 50,000 for 2nd place, and everything else for first. Now it is not very honest when you consider that they often win with a minimum difference in points.


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