MasterChef Canada 2024, Audition Date & Venue, How to Apply Master chef Season 11

Masterchef Canada 2024

Known as MasterChef season 11 is a cookery reality competition show which is broadcasted on Canadian Television. It is a part of the GL MasterChef franchise. This show premiered in 2014 and has completed its seven seasons successfully. Though there are many reality shows for talents such as dance, singing, music, etc. There is no cookery talent show on such a grand scale as the MasterChef.

Masterchef Canada gives a platform to amateur home cooks. This contest allows these amateur cooks to showcase their creativity and talent in preparing food.

In this contest, the amateur home cooks are given a series of challenges that the judges put forth. These judges are no ordinary people they are the renowned chefs: Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini, and Alvin Leung.

After an extensive audition round, in which thousands of people take part, near about 20 applicants are selected after the audition to go further and are invited to the MasterChef kitchen.

Contestants need to surpass several challenges that are given by the judges and prove themselves worthy of the MasterChef trophy. In this process, participants get to meet and learn from world-class chefs and improve their cooking skills.  Each season’s winner is awarded a $100,000 cash prize and other sponsored prizes too.

If you are a person who takes immense pleasure in cooking food and preparing new dishes and has a passion for it, then there is no better platform than MasterChef Canada 2024, to get your talent recognized by the world.

How To Apply for MasterChef Canada 2024?

The MasterChef Canada Season 11 application (Master Chef Canada 2024) will be accepted only through their official website For MasterChef Canada 2024 registration, the following steps need to be followed:

  • To fill out the application form, all participants are requested to visit the official website and click on the registration link given at the site.
  • The participant needs to fill in all the necessary details such as name, date of birth, contact details, e-mail address, and address.
  • Participants need to submit a photo of themselves along with the form.
  • An optional step of submitting a video is also available in which you can describe yourself and highlight your qualities which a MasterChef should have.  The video should be prepared to keep in mind the format required to do so.
  • Read the official Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting the form.
  • After submitting the form, all participants are requested to take a printout of the submitted application form.
  • Apart from the online application process, there will be an open casting call for the people living in Toronto or nearby. Keep checking the official website for open casting call location and time.

Eligibility Criteria for MasterChef Canada 2024

To participate in MasterChef Canada 2024, the following parameters need to be fulfilled:

  • The participant should be 19 years of age as of November 1, 2022.
  • The participant should be a Canadian Citizen or a legal permanent resident of Canada.
  • The participant should be an amateur cook.
  • To be deemed fit to face the challenges of the show, the participant needs to submit a physical and psychological fitness form which is duly conducted by a medical professional selected by the producer.
  • The participant cannot be a professional cook and his/her source of income currently should not come from working as a chef in a professional form.
  • The participants must be willing to travel to any part of Canada on any date given during the course of the contest.
  • The participant should not have a criminal record in his/her name. They need to give permission to the producers to do a background check as deemed necessary by them.

MasterChef Canada Audition 2024

The MasterChef audition process for 2024 is the first step in selecting the few best amateur home cooks out of all the registrations received. The producers and expert panel after receiving the application forms go through each application and the videos if available with the form. 

After thorough scrutiny, they select a few that will move forward in the journey of MasterChef Canada.  The producers then contact the selected few and interview them.  After interviewing the contestants, the team then decides whom among those lucky contestants will move forward to the audition round.

MasterChef Canada Pre Registration 2024

It is strongly advised and encouraged to pre-register your profile and select your open call location/venue in advance. The official website will have all the details for the pre-registration process. After completing the pre-registering process, you are recommended to attend an open call. The following things are mandatory for the open call.

  • An application that should be complete.
  • An impressive dish which should be prepared by you.

MasterChef Canada Cast

The cook masters and esteemed judges of the show MasterChef Canada, that is, the talented threesome, Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini, and Alvin Leung are the dominant star cast of the show. Apart from these three major casts, as it is seen in all previous seasons, guest judges will be invited to the show.

MasterChef Canada Judges Details

Let us know the judges of MasterChef Canada 2024 a little better.  The judges for MasterChef Canada 2024 are Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini, and Alvin Leung. These celebrity chefs are extraordinarily talented and have reached this position with their sheer talent, culinary skills, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Claudio Aprile is an Uruguayan–Canadian celebrity chef. He is a cookbook author and a restaurateur. Claudio Aprile is also known for hosting/judging the MasterChef Canada competition since 2014 on CTV.

The second judge of the show is Michael Bonacini. Owner of 11 restaurants, Michael Bonacini is a Welsh-Canadian chef.  Having trained in London, he emigrated to Canada in 1985 and since then has worked in this field and earned great accolades in the field of cooking.

Third and the last judge of the show is Alvin Leung. Since the debut of MasterChef Canada in 2014, Alvin Leung has been the judge of the show. He is an English-born Hong Kong-Canadian chef. He is also known as The Demon Chef and is an inventor of his own cuisine called X-Treme Chinese. He owns Michelin Star restaurants named Bo London and Bo Innovation.

Winners of Masterchef Canada so far

As of today, MasterChef Canada has completed seven seasons and we have seven winners who are indeed worthy of holding the MasterChef Canada trophy. Starting from season 1, we have Eric Chong, David Jorge, Mary Berg, Trevor Connie, Beccy Stables, Jennifer Crawford, and season 7 winner Christopher Sui.

Latest Updated About MasterChef Canada 2024


Q. Will MasterChef Canada be back in 2024?

A. With the huge amount of popularity and viewership this show has gained over the years, it is highly likely that MasterChef Canada will be back in 2024 with Season 11.

The date is yet to be confirmed, so keep checking the official website or this webpage for the exact commencement date.

Q. How do you apply for MasterChef Canada 2024?

A. All applications are accepted only through their official website You will have to click on the registration link given on this website and follow the steps mentioned there precisely.

The detailed process is mentioned above on this page. Please follow all the guidelines carefully, as any mistake can lead to the rejection of the application.

Q. Do you get paid while on MasterChef?

A.Unlike most reality shows, the selected candidates of MasterChef are compensated for their precious time and the hard work they put into the show.

As per the report of 2013, the contestants of the Australian version were paid an allowance of $630. Apart from this, the show bears all the living costs of the contestants till the time they are there the show like food, living, and transportation cost.

The winner of MasterChef Canada gets prize money of whooping $100,000. Additionally, all the three topmost contestants get a “Chef’s Culinary Package” that consists of a gas range, a hood, a stainless steel refrigerator, and a dishwasher, worth $18,000.

Q. Where can I watch all Seasons of MasterChef Canada?

A. You can watch all seasons of MasterChef Canada on their official website It can also be streamed on Crave or on Tubi TV. As a download, MasterChef Canada can also be bought on Apple iTunes.

Q. How do you audition for MasterChef Canada?

A. After receiving the application/registration forms for MasterChef Canada, the expert panel and producers go through each and every application and the videos attached with the form. After careful judgment, these selectors select the best few applications that then move forward in the process of MasterChef Canada. These participants are then contacted by the producers and interviewed.

After the interview, the team then decides who the lucky contestants will be to move forward to the audition round. The MasterChef audition process for 2024 will be an imperative step in selecting the few best home cooks out of all the registrations received.

Food is the weakness of almost all of us. Who doesn’t love to eat delicious food, but not everyone can cook. Cooking is an art. Only the choicest few have the capability to create exemplary dishes from even the simplest of ingredients. This talent often goes unnoticed and gets confined to the kitchen only.

MasterChef Canada is one such platform that helps in showcasing the talent of amateur home cooks. They search for home cooks from diverse backgrounds and with different cooking styles. So, whether you are a master in cooking desserts or pastry making is your strong point, or you simply just enjoy cooking, you must try your luck with MasterChef Canada.

If you get selected, you will get a chance not only to learn from the best in the industry, but also to showcase your talent, and get amazing opportunities. Do keep checking the official website for any further announcements regarding the show.

Here’s wishing you all the good luck!

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