How to Apply for MasterChef UK Season 20, Registration Casting Call & Release Date 2024

Masterchef Application Uk

MasterChef UK is a cookery reality competition show which is broadcasted on British television. It is a part of the global MasterChef franchise. This show is produced by the BBC in the UK. MasterChef initially hit the screens of British television in 1990.

MasterChef UK has come a long way to become the UK’s most successful TV show in the world of entertainment. It has not only gained popularity in the UK but in 58 other countries breaking all records of viewership.

The focus of MasterChef UK 2024 is to find the country’s best amateur cooking sensations.  Doing so inspires millions of amateur home cooks everywhere to dream and trust that they can also revamp their lives through their cooking talent.

In the MasterChef UK cooking contest, the amateur home cooks are subject to a number of challenges going forward and they are judged by the esteemed judges of the show. The judges are none other than the famous chef John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

After carefully scrutinizing a large number of applications, the few best are selected and called for auditions. Those who pass the audition round, then move further into the competition and are invited to the MasterChef UK kitchen.

All these contestants then prepare and create their audition signature dishes within the time limit allotted for the same.

Masterchef Application uk
MasterChef Application uk 2024

MasterChef Application Uk 2024

The dishes are then judged on the basis of how it has been plated, how sophisticatedly it has been presented, the use of the technique in preparing the dish, and last but not the least, the flavor’s.

After thoroughly analyzing the dishes, the judges then decide, based on the above criteria, which dish and its maker are deserving enough to earn a white apron and go forward in the competition.

As the competition progresses, these selected few are exposed to many challenges such as Mystery Box, Skill Test, Team Challenge, Elimination Test, and Pressure Test.

Contestants need to outpace all these hurdles proving that they are deserving of the MasterChef UK trophy. During their journey in MasterChef UK, the contestants get to meet and learn from world-class celebrity chefs and enhance their cooking skills.

If you are an amateur home cook and have the talent to create and present extraordinary dishes that are not only pleasing to the eye but also to the tongue, then MasterChef UK 2024, is the best place and platform to present your skill and let the world know about your home-taught talent.

How to Register for MasterChef UK 2024?

All applications for MasterChef UK Series 20 will be accepted only through their official website Fill it out before the MasterChef UK 2024 application deadline. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • For the MasterChef UK 2024 registration, all participants are requested to visit the official website to fill out the application form and click on the registration link given at the site.
  • All important details such as name, date of birth, contact details, e-mail address, and address need to be filled in by the participants.
  • Participants need to submit their recent photographs.
  • The participants are allowed to submit a video along with the application. This video should be prepared in the format stated on the website. Though submitting a video is not necessary, it can give extra weight to your application.
  • All official Terms and Conditions should be read carefully before submitting the application form.
  • After the submission of the form, all participants are requested to take a printout of the submitted application form.
Master Chef Applications Uk
MasterChef Application Uk

Eligibility Criteria for MasterChef UK 2024

To participate in MasterChef UK 2024, the following eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • The participant should be 18 years of age as of September 1, 2022.
  • The participant should be a UK Citizen and have the right to live and work legally in the UK, including The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • The participant should be an amateur cook and should not have acquired any professional catering qualification or an NVQ in the last 10 years.
  • The participant’s current main source of income cannot come from working as a chef in a professional form.
  • The participant must not have worked as a chef full-time or have run a catering or food business.
  • Neither the participant nor any member of their household or immediate family member should have any connection or are currently working for Shine TV or the BCC.

MasterChef UK Audition 2024

The MasterChef UK 2024 audition process is one of the important steps in selecting the best amateur home cooks among all the registrations received.

Each application and the video along with the form is gone over by the producers and expert panel.

After thorough scrutiny, only a few are selected that will move forward in the journey of MasterChef UK 2024. 

These selected participants are then contacted by the producers and are called for an interview. After interviewing the contestants and making them compete with the other selected participants.

The team then decides who among those lucky contestants will move forward to the audition round. In the audition rounds, the contestants need to perform on the spot in front of the judges.

On getting selected in the audition rounds, the contestants then proceeded to the main MasterChef competition.

MasterChef UK 2024 Schedule

Every year MasterChef UK starts around February or March. The contest reaches its finale around April or May depending on when it starts. It takes around two months for the whole contest to complete from start to finish.

MasterChef UK 2024 start date is yet to be announced. Keep checking the official MasterChef website or this website for the schedule of MasterChef UK 2024.

MasterChef UK Judges

Talking about the MasterChef UK judges, these judges are none other than the famous chef John Torode and Gregg Wallace.  Both judges have been judging MasterChef UK since 2005.

John Torode is an Australian-British celebrity chef and TV presenter. As a restaurateur, he owned two restaurants. He also has several cookbooks in his name.

Gregg Wallace is an English entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, former greengrocer, and media personality. He was a regular writer in magazines such as Good Food, Olive, and Now.

Masterchef uk Release Date 2024

The first episode of MasterChef 2024 will air on BBC One on April 2024. Next week, the series is expected to follow that Monday, Tuesday, and Friday pattern. The BBC iPlayer will host all episodes after they have been broadcast.

Latest updates and news for MasterChef UK season 20

Do you believe you have what it takes to wow John and Gregg and become the next MasterChef UK Champion? Then apply to be a contestant here.

MasterChef UK applications are now open for 2023

MasterChef UK Series 20 applications are now open. Do you believe you have what it takes to wow judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace? Click here to apply and learn more. Cooking doesn’t get any more difficult than this!


Q. Where can I watch MasterChef Season 20?

A. MasterChef UK Season 20 can be viewed on the official MasterChef UK website It can also be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

Q. Is MasterChef UK coming back in 2024?

A. Yes, MasterChef UK is coming back in 2024. As per their official website, registrations are currently open for the same.

The start date is yet to be announced by the show producers. Keep checking the MasterChef UK website or this website for the exact commencement date.

Q. How to apply for MasterChef UK Season 20?

A. All Applications/Registrations for MasterChef UK 2024 (Season 20) will only be accepted through their official website

The applicants need to check the site and click on the registration link and fill out the form by carefully following all the steps mentioned on the site.

The detailed process for applying for MasterChef UK 2024 is given above on this page.

Q. How to apply for UK Master Chef 2024?

A. If you want to try your luck in MasterChef 2024, you need to apply to the MasterChef franchise in your country. For example, there is MasterChef India, MasterChef UK, MasterChef Australia, MasterChef Canada, and so on.

When you think of happiness, the one thing that comes to mind is good food. Creating extraordinary food from the simplest of ingredients is no less than an art.

Few blessed ones in this world have these abilities and if you are one of them, then MasterChef UK is the best platform that can allow you to showcase your talent and give you the recognition which you deserve.

This platform is highly appreciative of amateur home cooks who want to transform their lives through their cooking passion. If you have all the qualities of becoming a MasterChef UK, then think no further and try your luck by applying for MasterChef UK 2024 Season 20.

If you get selected in MasterChef UK, then there is no looking back. You will get a chance to learn throughout the MasterChef journey from the best in the industry. Do keep checking the official website or this page for any further announcements regarding the show.

If you have any kind of query related to this topic, then you can comment below in the comment section. Our team will solve your problem as soon as a problem.

Here’s wishing you all the best!

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