Every Detail for Mini Pop Kids 2024 Auditions, Eligibility Criteria, Registration Process & Tickets

MINI POP KIDS – Mini Pop Kids is Canada’s #1 children’s music brand and has been so for the past 15 years topping the charts of iTunes and Billboard. Originally, a British television series broadcasted in 1983 on Channel 4.

Mini Pop Kids has been amusing audiences around the globe for years now with its family-friendly twist on the most popular songs in the world.

Mini Pop Kids went on to become the most significant hit and sold millions of albums around the world. It was launched in Canada by K-Tel and has continued to create albums, the latest being Mini Pop Kids 18 released in 2020 in Canada.

Once again, Mini Pop Kids 2024 is in search of new talent who can dance, sing, and have that X-factor to own the stage and enthral the audience. They are looking for a talent to add to the existing Mini Pop entertainers.

The show’s winner will be a part of a number of exciting events such as recording an album, performing in press appearances, music video shoots, and online coverage, and being a part of one of the unmatched kids’ concert tours across North America and many more.

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Here is a detailed guide on how to apply for Mini Pop Kids 2024

How to Register for Mini Pop Kids?

Mini Pop Kids registration 2024 will only be accepted through their official website minipopkids.com. The following steps are to be followed for the registration of Mini Pop Kids 2024.

  • All aspirants are requested to visit the official website https://www.minipopkids.com/ to fill out the registration form. On the home page, you can click on the AUDITIONS tab which will direct you to the registration page https://www.minipopkids.com/auditions/.
  • The participants must fill in all the necessary details such as name, date of birth, gender, and years of singing and dancing experience. Parents’ info also needs to be filled in. This is mandatory as minor participants are involved in this show and parent/guardian consent is compulsory.
  • A photograph of the applicant also needs to be submitted in the form.
  • Participants also need to submit a vocal audition video showcasing their vocal quality and singing skills. The video should be in the format stated on the website.
  • Another video of the dance audition highlighting your dancing skills can also be submitted. Though submitting a dance video is optional, submitting one is encouraged to strengthen your candidature.
  • Read all the official Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting the application form as any violation may cause disqualification.

Eligibility Criteria for Mini Pop Kids 2024

The following eligibility criteria need to be met to participate in Mini Pop Kids 2024

  • The participant should be between the age group of 9-13 years.
  • The participant should be a Canadian Citizen or a legal permanent resident of Canada only.
  • The participant should mandatorily have a parent/guardian’s consent for sending the audition application.
  • The auditionees who are shortlisted should have the willingness to participate in promotions and marketing which are related to the project as requested reasonably.
  • The parent/guardian should be reachable by the organizers because if the shortlisted auditionee cannot be reached within seven days, then he/she will be disqualified, and the other remaining entrants will be given chance.

Mini Pop Kid Audition 2024

The Mini Pop Kids audition 2024 is an important step in deciding which participant will go forward in the selection process. The audition videos uploaded on the online audition portal on their official website https://www.minipopkids.com/ will only be considered.

You cannot send the video via email, or try to contact any staff working for the show. After registration, all the submissions are thoroughly reviewed by the director and the casting director.

After scrutinizing, only the selected few are contacted through their parent or guardian and are called for an in-person audition. The shortlisted auditionees who come for an in-person audition are again rigorously reviewed until the final cast is selected.

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Mini pop kids Audition overview

Created ByMartin Wyatt
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Original LanguageEnglish
Executive ProducersMansfield, Mike
Production CompanyMike Mansfield Enterprises
Original NetworkChannel 4
Mini pop kids 2024 Audition

Q. How old are Mini Pop Kids?

Ans– As per the eligibility criteria to participate in Mini Pop Kids 2024, the age of the participants should be anywhere between 9-13 years.

Q. How do you get into Mini Pop Kids?

Ans- To get into Mini Pop Kids 2024, you need to fill in the registration form which is available only on their official website https://www.minipopkids.com/.

The detailed process for applying for Mini Pop Kids 2024 is given above on this page.

Q. How do you audition for Mini Pop Kids?

Ans- After the submission of the registration form for Mini Pop Kids, the director, and the casting director will thoroughly review all the vocal and dance videos submitted along with the application form.

Out of those, only the selected few will be called for an in-person audition. The detailed process of auditioning for Mini Pop Kids 2024 is given above on this page.

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