New Comedy Series the Family Pile Cast And First Look At New ITV Comedy Revealed For 2024

ITV has announced the new comedy series The Family Pile to air in 2024– The Family Pile is a brand-new comedy series that is going to be aired on ITV in 2024. This new comedy series The Family Pile is a much-awaited show.

New Comedy Series the Family Pile
New Comedy Series the Family Pile

First Look At New ITV Comedy-The Family Pile

The story revolves around four sisters who are grieving their parents’ deaths and are the focus of this 2024 comedy. As they leave their house, they will encounter a variety of difficulties but not without a dose of humor.

These four sisters are getting ready to sell the family house after their parent’s deaths. But even amid the sadness, their chaotic lives continue and that is what is shown in The New Family Pile series, adding relatable humour as the series progresses.

Following a genre of a sitcom (situation comedy), this rather small series is unique and very light-hearted. This is a six-episode series with a run time of approximately 30 minutes for each episode.

New Comedy Series the Family Pile

As stated above, this sitcom will be screened on ITV which is the official channel. The Family Pile ITV series will be produced by Hat Trick Productions, A well-known production company, and producers of hit shows which are currently running in the UK such as Bloodlands, Dinner Date, Mastermind, etc.

The producers of the Family Pile ITV show are Angela Sinden, Phil Warburton-Leach, and Jimmy Mulville.

The writer of the show is none other than Brian Dooley, who is a famous writer and actor in the UK. He is also known for his writing work for the show The Smoking Room.

The Family Pile ITV Cast

The Family Pile ITV cast involves some of the big and famous names in the world of entertainment. The series will star Amanda Abbington, Clare Calbraith, Claire Keelan, and Alexandra Mardell as four sisters.

Amanda Abbington is a fine English actress known for her best work in the television series Mr Selfridge and Sherlock. Clare Calbraith is known for her work in Home Fires and the famous British historical drama Downton Abbey.

Claire Keelan is another talented British actress known for Nathan Barley and No Heroics. Last but not the least, Alexandra Mardell is also one of the fine and talented British actresses best known for her role in Coronation Street, one of the most-watched British Soap Operas.

The other casts of the series are Kieran O’Brien, James Nelson-Joyce, and Richard Pepple and they too are well-established actors in the television world, having appeared in many leading English TV soaps and series.

Full Cast & Crew of The Family Pile

  • Amanda Abbington
  • Kieran O’Brien
  • Clare Calbraith
  • Alexandra Mardell
  • Claire Keelan
  • James Nelson-Joyce
  • Richard Pepple
  • Oliver Wellington
  • Roya Amini
  • Jordan Akkaya

The family pile 1 series overview

A comedic examination of grief follows two sisters who have lost their parents and are packing up the family home to sell.

Episodes6 (1 series)
StarsAmanda Abbington, Clare Calbraith, Claire Keelan, Alexandra Mardell, Kieran O’Brien, Richard Pepple, and James Nelson-Joyce
WriterBrian Dooley
DirectorFergal Costello
ProducersPhil Warburton-Leach, Angela Sinden and Jimmy Mulville
CompaniesHat Trick Productions
Overview of the New Comedy Series the Family Pile

The Family Pile Release Date

The family pile premium date – A new series from Hat Trick Productions, called The Family Pile, is set to premiere on ITV1 in January 2024 and will be available online on ITVX following the first episode. ITV1 will begin airing The Family Pile on January 2024.

The Family Pile release date is yet to be announced by the official ITV channel and Hat Trick Production Company. As per the official announcement by the channel, this comedy series is gearing up to be Aired sometime in 2024.


Q. Is the Family Pile coming back in 2024?

Ans- Yes! the Family Pile is coming in 2024 as per the announcement made by the official channel ITV and the production company Hat Trick.

Q. Can I watch The Family Pile on Netflix?

Ans- As for the latest update, The Family Pile is not available to be watched on Netflix. This show is yet to be aired on TV, so let’s wait for it to be released in 2024 and see if it airs on Netflix too apart from the official channel, ITV.

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